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Good Habits Guide: How to Begin and Sustain them


In many ways, habits significantly change our daily routines. For better or worse, when we’re not thinking, we quickly slip into and rely upon habits. From scrolling through Facebook to lighting up a cigarette, we can find ourselves doing things on autopilot! It’s important to create and maintain habits, which are positive for us. They might be personal, professional or health-related habits. But, they can all benefit us enormously. Once you have identified a behavior or activity you want to do regularly, the initial enthusiasm can be what reminds us. But after the novelty has passed, how do we ensure that the habits we want to develop are sustained? With a few easy but effective steps, we can begin and maintain the good habits that will last a lifetime.

Good Habits
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1. Communicate

Regular communication is a good habit in itself. But, communicating can also help us to keep our good habits! If you’re hoping to eat a healthier daily lunch, for example, then mention it to a few colleagues. We are far more likely to stay on track if we feel we’re being held accountable! Often healthier habits can set a good example or peak people’s interest too. Before you know it, you may have a whole crew of colleagues trying to make healthier decisions and get into good habits! It can be far more encouraging and fun to do something as part of a group. So, if you’re hoping to begin a new habit, be sure to mention it to those around you.

2. Replacements

Rather than attempting to immediately eradicate a habit you want to change, try to replace it first. If you want to spend less time on the computer, for example, don’t attempt to stop completely straight away. Begin first by replacing it with another enjoyable activity. If you’d normally spend two hours, cut it down to one hour with one hour of reading or something else. If you’d normally smoke at a social event but want to quit, try vaping instead. Add a special flavor like space jam vape juice to encourage yourself. Replace the habits you want to eradicate and edge towards your goals in small steps. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements!

3. Track Your Progress of Good Habits

It’s easy to become discouraged if we can’t appreciate what we have achieved. Perhaps we have work to do and want to get into the habit of doing a little each day. Ensure that you’re recording your progress with lists and check points, however small that progress might seem. The same goes for, if we’re hoping to go to bed a little earlier, or exercise a little more often. Create a way to keep a track of how many times you have managed it. Several studies have shown that having a visual reminder of what we have achieved can keep habits more successfully. Shade in a day on the calendar, if you achieve your goal, for example, or note it down in your phone. Mention it to others or draw a smiley face in the diary! When you’re lacking motivation, be sure to check back and see how far you’ve come.

These are some essential tips to begin and sustain good habits. If you have some more feel free to share with us here.


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  1. Great Post…. I like all sports Good Habits, You Write a great post … i have many of good and bad habits… After of reading the post i am going to replace my some bad habits, and also i want to save all of my habits that i change ,,,, so all of habits i save in a diary… so from today i am going to shortlist some good habits, like writing …
    Awesome post and helpful information thanks …

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