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The Girls Guide To Supplements


If you are trying to get in shape, you need to get back in the gym. There is no easy way to achieve that, you will have to work hard. You can try all protein shakes and supplements, but there is no way that you can have the ultimate bodybuilder’s body without doing heavy weight lifting every day. Now, if you have already been working quite hard and you are not seeing the expected results, you can take supplements. Supplements contribute a lot. They tend to speed up the process. We can all agree that no physical activity can be good enough without taking enough amount of nutrition. When you start working out, your body will start demanding full nutrition, otherwise, it might result in the twisting of bones and muscles loss.

You should never take supplements without the dietitian consent. Your gym trainer can also recommend some too. Here is everything you should know about the supplement intake.

  • Whey Protein

Whether you are a man or a woman, whey protein tends to be the best one. Sit contains the right amount of nutrients for both. The best part is that it is easily digestible. Most people debate that why to take artificial protein when you can get from eating eggs and meat. Thee means are efficient, but they are slow. It can take a couple of hours to fully digest and the protein can reach the cells. On the other hand, whey protein digests right after you drink it. Which helps in fueling the body right before workout. If you want to get the best results, it is recommended to use it before you start working out. It also contains peptides, which are protein fragments that help in transferring oxygen and protein to the cells.

  • N.O. Boosters

It can help in increasing the stamina. As it contains N.O. which helps in increasing the diameter of the vessels which contains the muscles. This way more blood can flow through the vessels. More flow of blood means that more amount of amino acids, protein, water, etc. Can reach every cell of the body. Due to the increasing supply if all the right nutrient, you will be able to lift more heavyweight and for a much longer period of time. It can save you from dehydration as well, when you are losing water from extreme exercise, it will keep boosting the blood cells in your body, that will help in reducing the fatigue post workout. It works best pre-workout for women.

  • Caffeine

You might be surprised to see the caffeine on the list. We are all well aware of the benefits of caffeine. It helps you in staying active and focused. Apart from that it helps in providing instant energy to the muscles and helps in losing fats from the body. It helps in improving the metabolic activity, that is why you might start feeling hungry soon after you drink coffee. It works the best with the combination of green tea. All the extra fat from the body is burnt down and used as energy for the workout.


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