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4 Gemstones To Consider For Your Engagement Ring


For an engagement ring, everyone wants a unique ring that will impress their partner. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a gemstone for your ring. An engagement ring can make or break your marriage proposal. Imagine planning a romantic getaway or dinner date to propose but your ring is wanting. A well-chosen engagement ring will bring out the true commitment to marriage and undying loyalty towards your loved one. Here are 4 gemstones to consider for your engagement ring.



Most women dream about receiving a diamond ring for their engagement. Diamond lasts forever and is a perfect gift to express your everlasting love to your beau. With a beauty and spark that leaves this gem oozing elegance, diamond is a popular choice for an engagement ring. Diamond is the hardest of all gemstones in the world. To get a diamond engagement ring require a considerable budget but your loved one will always be proud of you for the shining jewelry on their finger.


Perhaps you do not have the budget for diamond. Luckily, other options are not so hard on the pocket. You can opt for a sapphire engagement ring that boosts of hardness and strength. For such features, sapphire is used in other applications apart from engagement rings including for optical components, watches, and other industrial materials. Sapphire comes in varieties including green, yellow, blue, black, and gray. Sapphire will give your engagement ring a unique and elegant appeal. The best thing about sapphire is the classic effect at a low price.


This fiery choice is a unique option for an engagement ring. Strong emphasis is put on ruby in the Bible for being a precious and special gem. Therefore, there is no better way to impress her than to get ruby gemstone for sale for your custom ring. Color quality of a ruby is very important and determines its cost. Therefore, ensure to choose the appropriate shades that match your budget when choosing ruby for your engagement ring. A pigeon blood red ruby is of premium quality and the most expensive.


This is a variety of beryl and has a natural green color with large traces of chromium and vanadium. The word “emerald” in Latin means “green gem”. Emerald is a wonderful gem to consider for your engagement ring  especially if your loved one has their birthday in May. The fresh green color of emerald will also impress any soon-to-be-wed woman. Despite its low rating on the Moh hardness scale, emerald is a wonderful gem and comes in varieties including blue-green and clearer emerald.

Final thoughts

When planning to walk your beloved down the aisle, an engagement ring is a must-have on your checklist. However, you do not just choose any ring. It is important to choose one with a gem. One of the best gemstones to choose is the fiery ruby gemstone. Luckily, this is readily available from a reputable online gemstone store.


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