Garage: Top Five Things to Do with it

Let’s face it. If you were to look in most of the garages across the country today, most of them would be in a complete mess. Some are full of junk; others are dilapidated and uncared for. Certain garages might act as middlemen for your home garbage before you take it to the dump. And, of course, very few of them will even contain a vehicle. Well, we think it’s about time everyone started to take a little more care of the garage space. Here are the five ideas for you that you can chew over – why not give one of them a try?

1. Keep Your Car in Your Garage

Let’s start with the most obvious use of a garage – keeping your vehicle in one. Yes, we’re serious. So many people have garages and don’t keep their cars in there and they are all losing out. If your car is in your garage, you’ll pay less for your insurance. It’ll keep your vehicles out of sight from car thieves and vandals. And, it’ll keep it in better condition for a longer period of time. Weather can have a severe impact on your paintwork and storing it away in a darker, secure place will help you to get the most longevity out of your wheels.

2. Invest in Better Storage

Whether you keep your car in there or not, garages can be great places for storage. Look around at some custom garages to get some inspiration and ideas and invest a little in making some improvements. Use all the space you can including the ceiling and walls. They are the perfect spot for securing tools, garden equipment, bikes and scooters for the kids.

3. Turn it into a Home Office

Work from home? Many people do these days. But, it isn’t without its problems. When you’re in the house, there are a plenty of distractions that occur all the time. However, if you upgrade your garage space into a fresh office, it’s almost like being out of the house. A little carpet here and some funky desktops there and you’re halfway there already. All you need next is some excellent design ideas, some power sockets and away you go.

4. Create a Home Gym

One of the most popular alternative uses of a garage is, of course, the home gym. With a little investment, you can create the perfect area, where the whole family can work out. Not only will you have fewer excuses to burn some calories, but you’ll also save on expensive gym membership.

5. Make a Spare Room

Stuck for space inside the house when you have guests? Garages can make the perfect little addition to your property. It will cost a reasonable amount to upgrade a garage into an extra room, of course. But, it’s a great place to allow your guests that extra little bit of privacy. And, of course, if you ever have a raging argument with your partner, it’s a more comfortable sleep in than in your car!

These are some of the five things to do with your garage. Hope you like them and implement them properly.


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