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Funny Pictures and Videos Sharing Sites

If you’re a regular Facebook user or a part of any online community, then you might know that they are full of funny pictures, video clips and jokes. People always keep sharing funny stuffs. Their friends and other community members simply love to see such funny stuffs. Funny posts whether they are pictures, videos or texts, usually get more likes and views as compared to formal posts. However, when it comes to something new related to humor, then it usually becomes difficult to find something new and unique. You can easily find videos and pictures, which are already posted. But, you can’t find something, which is totally new and not already available on the internet. The reason is because there are not enough resources available for such contents. In order to cope up with this problem I am going to share a list of free sites, where you can get unique and interesting funny contents for free. These sites will give you unique and up to date funny contents, which your audience has never seen before.


funny pictures

Funnyordie is also a very popular site for funny pictures and videos. This site is one of the biggest resources in humor niche. It contains thousands of funny pictures, video clips and articles. A specific page of this site also covers the most popular comedian celebrities of Hollywood.


funny pictures

This is yet another good site for humor contents. This site is a bit unique in nature. This is because of its categories, structure and layout.  Instead of using general classifications, this site has used specific categories. Cheezburger contains event base pictures. These also have proper details about the specific funny event and associated pictures. So, you can consider this site as a channel of funny news.


funny pictures

AALOOO is also one of the top humor sites. It contains a lot of funny contents. This site only publishes unique contents whether these are funny pictures, jokes or videos. AALOOO also has a good category structure. Due to this, you can explore funny contents relevant to your interests. For example, if you’re looking for  celebrity oriented funny contents, you can explore in showbiz category. Or, if you need funny jokes related to sports, you can find them in sports section of the site.


funny pictures

Killsometime is yet another funny pictures and videos site. It is similar to AALOOO. However, contents on this site are quite different. It is also a simple site. It has lots of funny video clips and images. These are fully organized and categorized in different niches so that you can browse contents easily.


funny pictures

Collegehumor is one of the most popular sites for funny pictures, illustrations and video clips. It is free to use. Personally, I like this site very much. This is because of its organized and simple structure. This makes browsing interesting and easy. This is a great site. Still there are a few disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a proper category depth. It has just a few general categories. These make it difficult to pick proper contents on a specific subject.

These are the top 5 funny pictures and videos sharing sites. If you have some more in your list, feel free to share with us here.

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