5 Free Web Hosting Control Panels to Manage VPS Servers


Nothing can be as great as having a tool that does its work effectively and when this tool comes with no price tag, it is cherry on the top. To our surprise, there are web hosting control panels that can help in managing your dedicate server or VPS in the market. The best part about them is that they are absolutely free to use and set-up.

These control panels have become popular because they allow webmasters to manage the web project’s environment interactively. It is an effective way of making any expert useless. In fact, managing the server can be easily done even by a complete novice with the help of a few simple clicks.

When it comes to features in web control panels, many of these panels have it in common like administration, FTP management, database, email, and DNS. But, some features are only limited to certain admin panels.  Some may not even support certain features like multi-server management or IPv6.

Taking a closer look at the features of each control panel allows you to make a better decision as to which one is better for you. We are going to discuss the top 5 free control panels and look that their pros and cons generally.


This control panel, powered by ISPConfig UG, can be seen as an open source control panel that is very widely-used. It has a web-based interface that enables the specific panel tasks, especially implemented by Linux users.

It is a good option of people wanting a multilingual panel. It could come in handy in certain situations with 22 mouth-watering languages. It is also known to deliver a easy and user-friendly interface for managing multiple servers depending on login levels: email user, client, administrator, or reseller.


After you know how to set up a windows VPS server, Ajenti, yet another web control panel, can get the job done very efficiently as compared to the other VPS servers. Most admins like it because it has a higher performance and is relatively faster.

The panel has pre-installed tools like file manager, terminal access, code manager, and text editor. These tools are helpful in improving web management. You will be easily able to configure ad manager servers like Munin, Squid, Samba, etc. With a large user base, you will get the opportunity to install packages and make use of virtual emails.

It supports many kinds of operating systems where you will be able to set up Nodeo.js, PHP, Ruby, and Python applications.


ZPanel is considered to be the easiest panel to use. It is compatible to many operating systems, especially macOS and Windows. The panel seems to run on PHP, MySQL, and Apache. The panel offers admins to effectively and conveniently use software packages such as IMAP, DoveCot, Postfix, hMailServer, PHPSysInfo, FTP Jailing, phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, RoundCube, and Apache Web Server.


Virtualmin offers a quite a supercharged version of the Webmin. The source is widely used over the globe ad open as well. It is written in PHP and is known to support UNIX operating systems, BSD extensions, and Linux distributions.

Virtualmin can be found in three versions: Cloudmin Professional, Viryualmin Professional, and Virtualmin GPL. Irrespective of the one you use, it is known to provide the best domain hosting as well as virtual servers like KEN and OpenVZ. It experience is quite close to Plesk and cPanel.


As mentioned earlier, it is the Virtualmin panel’s web-based version, known for its flexibility. It is known to support UNIX and other similar systems. The recent versions are known to support Windows.

As compared to others, Webmin can be seen in a dynamic Perl programming language which is quite high-level in nature. Webmin is commercial as well as open source. Similar to others, this control panel is utilized for its basics but it has additional extensibility to help the admins in managing multiple tasks. Webmin is popular for an excellent interface that provides server configuration, email, domain, efficient file.

After going through the common features of each of these control panels, choosing the one that appeals you the most is the best decision. You do have the luxury of choice in this situation. So, take the time and do the research well enough.


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