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Flowers Can Get a Valentine – Do You Know How?


Something that a man would commonly wail about is – “Women are intricate”. And with ample scientific research, one might prove it too. But the truth is, no matter how complex a woman seems to be, winning her heart isn’t a herculean task, of course, as long as you keep away from the intricacies. And so, when it comes to winning your date, you would not have to sweat blood.

As Oscar Wilde says, “Women are meant to be loved, not understood.”You would never have to look for the pricey-most object to bring that happy curve. It’s always something that triggers the emotion than something burning a hole in your pocket.

And what better can it be than a bunch of wondrous beauty and sweetness. Yes! We are talking about flowers. Something that would always strum the chords of her heart! But before you pick a bunch of blooms for her, it is better to understand the beautiful representations of different flowers, so that you may gift the perfect bunch to the right person on the right occasion.  Every flower speaks a different language. Know what they signify and make her swoon in love.

The commonly received and given kind is Rose. And every hue expresses an emotion.

  • Red signifies beauty, love, romance and passion
  • Heavenly White says “ I am worthy of you”
  • Pink stands for appreciation and perfect happiness
  • Yellow speaks of joy, delight and friendship
  • Orange is a mark of spirit and enthusiasm

Choose them right and Get-Set-Go.

When it comes to numbers, they have a lot to speak too.

roses, flower, Valentine week, rose dayKnow that when you offer one rose, it symbolizes utmost emotion. Two roses presented together say “Marry me”. Six roses signify the need to be adored. Eleven roses mean the receiver is deeply loved while thirteen is supposed to be sent by a secret admirer.

But dear reader, treat her with something more adored than just a bunch of roses. Read on!

Gerbera Daisies


Nothing speaks volumes like peppy Gerbera Daisies. They symbolize beauty, innocence and hidden emotions and always classify as the ones to be given to the lady. Especially, the red ones mean one is fully immersed in love.



Not only are Tulips are cute enough to look at but happen to be the perfect Valentine flowers to extend your heart. It clearly means “perfect love”. And coming at an affordable price than the rest, what could be a better option?


liliesLilies mean passion and beauty. Could there ever be enough words to express the beauty of a woman? No. But you have white lilies to tell her how mesmerizing she is and that how lucky you are to have her. Also, when you offer lilies, what you are trying to convey is that you are inclined towards the sense of wild seduction. It’s more passionate than the roses. The perfect one, we suggest, would be red lilies, especially on Valentine’s Day for someone you have hots for.


sun flower, valentine, flowersIf you want to prove your loyalty and devotion, pick the Sunshine – Yes, Sunflowers! A perfect expression of your fidelity, they are sure to melt any lady’s heart if both of you are looking for a long term commitment.


AnthuriumNothing is better than glossy and long-lasting Anthuriums. Also known as Flamingo Flower and Boy Flower, they represent warmth. When it comes to seizing your Valentine’s attention, go for red anthuriums that represent love and passion.

Apart from the language of the flowers, there are few more things to be taken care of –

  • Never should you forget – the flowers should smell fresh and great.
  • It’s not just the Valentine’s to treat your lady right. Use sweet little occasions to remind her it’s a love thing. Birthdays, the-day-we-first-met anniversaries, congratulatory bouquets on some accomplishment, get well soon bouquets and so forth.
  • Instead of choosing for one set of similar flowers, go for a kaleidoscope of lush arrangements or a mix of flowers and greens.

Flowers, undeniably are a budget friendly yet impressive way to touch a heart. All smiles!



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