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How to Fit a Bathroom in Easy Steps


An outdated bathroom will reduce the value of your home. Refitting your bathroom is the best way to improve your property value. Of course, many people choose to hire professionals to complete this task for them. However, it is possible to refit a bathroom on your own. If you’re looking to save money and consider yourself handy, DIY bathroom refitting is for you.

1. Removing the Fixtures

Before installing anything new, you must remove the old. It takes a bit of muscle power to completely removed the old fixtures, but with a little help, you may be able to get it done in a few days.

Begin by turning off both the cold and hot water mains. Open all the taps to ensure water gets out. A basin spanner is the best tool to remove the bath and the basis. Take note of how the bath was initially installed, as this information may become handy later. Disconnect the waste and remove the fittings.

To remove the loo, start by flushing it, and remove any water from the tank. Undo all the connections and pull the loo out of place. Check all the pipes to ensure they’re still in good condition.

2. Tiling

Most professionals recommended replacing the tiling before the new fixtures are put into place. Being by breaking off the old tiles. Take care not to damage the walls, as you will have to patch them if you do.

Use tile adhesive and spacers to ensure the new tile is placed in the best location. You may need to cut some pieces to fit around the loo or corners.

3. Flooring

It’s always wise to also replace the flooring when refitting your bathroom. No matter what type of flooring you have, it’s more than likely been soaked on several occasions. Wood is prone to rot. Tile is usually the best option for the bathroom. Even if you decide not to replace the flooring, still take the time to look for any signs of damage that need to be repaired.

4. New Fixtures

Begin by placing the new bath. It may take more than one person to lift the bath and get it into position. Refer to how the previous bath was placed for reference. Reconnect all the taps.

The basin pedestal should easily fit into place. It’s quick and easy to reconnect all the taps once the basis is in place. If you want to add tiles on the wall around the basin, now is the time.

A new toilet should fit perfectly. Be sure to connect the overflow and push the tap connector into place. Turn on the water mains and let the toilet fill up. Adjust the ball valve, as needed.

Anyone with a little bit of DIY experience and familiarity with plumbing can refit a bathroom on their own. However, if this job sounds too overwhelming to you, then hiring a professional may be the better choice. Refitting a bathroom by yourself can save money in the long run but be prepared for the project to take much longer. The results, however, will be more than worth the effort.


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