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Fight Hair Loss with REKZE Laboratories


Hair loss has become one of the most popular complications these days. The top reasons for hair loss in women are many. The rising level of pollution, too much stress are the major factors, which lead to the problem of hair loss to such an extent. Thanks to REKZE Laboratories for addressing the complication and providing ways to fight it.

hair loss
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1. REKZE Laboratories for Hair Loss

REKZE Laboratories is a brand, which has formulated a line of hair care products to address the complication of hair loss in both men and women. This brand makes use of the process of high technology innovation. It utilizes the perfect blend of medically proven highly effective ingredients. The products have no side effects at all. The diverse collection of the various products given by the brand help in fighting away the complication of hair thinning and hair loss successfully. Let’s have a look at the various products of REKZE Laboratories.

2. 24 Serum

24 Serum comprises 24 ingredients. These ingredients work synergistically and help in reducing hair loss by stimulating hair growth significantly. It has a wide range of uses. It helps in improving micro circulation, delivering nutrients to hair and scalp, fighting away the complication of hair thinning, rejuvenating the scalp and daily treatment of scalp. It acts as a powerful DHT blocker. It is supposed to be the best serum for both women and men.

3. 28 Wipes

This formulation given by REKZE Laboratories makes use of 28 treatment wipes, which help in keeping the hair related complications away. It protects the scalp from itching, prevents hair breakage, restricts hair fall, cleans, conditions and moisturizes the scalp and imparts freshness to the hair.

4. 43 Conditioner

This product combines 43 materials to manufacture the formulation for hair care and hair loss. This product helps in controlling moisture balance and providing hair resilience. It also helps in protecting the scalp from irritation and exposure to the chemicals, prevents hair fall and breakage, protects from cuticle damage and strengthens hair resilience, moisturizes and conditions the scalp.

5. 63 Shampoo

This hair loss product helps in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It also helps in refreshing and cleaning the excess sebum from the scalp. It also helps in amplifying the hair texture. It acts as a strong DTH blocker as well.

These hair care products help in treating the hair fall related complications significantly with utmost sincerity.


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