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Fetal Cells has the Ability to Heal Mother’s Health


What is a Fetal Cell?

Fetal Cells are the prenatal development cells of the child between the embryonic stage until the time it is born. An unborn child, in the form of a fetus, is a blessing to a woman who bestows its benefit even after its birth.

A mother is the best gift to a child. Let’s revert the sentence and say that a baby is the best gift to a mother. You ask why?. Well, today’s topic can help you understand the reason behind it. Thanks to medical science, doctors have found out that fetal cells will be alive in a mothers’ body even for decades after childbirth. Thus, repairing a mother’s damaged organ and defending her body against certain forms of cancer and other diseases.

How Factual is the Fun Fact?

‘During pregnancy, if the mother suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ’ — it was a meme floating around the social media at some time. However, with research and experimentation, doctors have found the credibility of the statement and proved it to be true.

Feto-maternal microchimerism is a process where fetal cells transfers into mother’s organs. However, these life-saving cells can survive and benefit the parent body even for decades of childbirth.

How is this Transfer Possible?

Feto-maternal microchimerism is a process of transferring the fetal cells into the mother’s organ. A study conducted by the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology defines this phenomenon stating that “fetal micro-chimeric cells (FMCS) engraft the maternal bone marrow and are able to migrate through the circulation and to reach tissues”.

Some Research to Prove the Point:

  • In 1979, researchers at Stanford University had tested on a pregnant mother’s blood. This revealed that her blood had cells with Y-sex chromosomes incorporated besides the natural X-chromosomes found in women. The study, thus, concluded that since she carried a male baby, the fetus’ cells must have entered into her body.
  • A 1996 study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found genetically distinct cells from a male fetus sustained in mother’s body even 27 years after birth.
  • Experiment on Women’s Breast Tissue proves that Women who have been through pregnancy will have healthy tissue compared to those who haven’t.
  • Fetal cells have more often found in larger amounts in a mother’s healthy breast tissue compared to women with potential breast cancer risks.
  • Among many fetal cells, stem cells are the most functional of all. It travels to the mother’s damaged organ repairing the scarred tissues, thus healing her. The study had been conducted on pregnant female mice in 2015 and the research shows that fetal cells traveled to the targeted mother’s heart to revive its life.

Among many medical observations and in many cases, it has seen that mothers survive a peripartum cardiomyopathy. Although the reason is yet to be discovered, the reason is determined to be the fetal cells that attack the weakened heart with their healing properties. The fun fact that babies in the womb send fetal cells into the mother’s body to repair damaged organ is no more just a ‘do you know?’ trivia. There is a huge credibility to the statement, although, recurring researches are conducted for a valid proof.

Are fetal Cells Always a Savior?

At times, fetal cells might be detrimental too, leading to immune disorder in the mother’s body.

These natural saviors besides healing damaged cells and tissues also have a downside where they might lead to some diseases, especially autoimmune conditions. Doctors have no reason to substantiate the factors leading to autoimmune diseases. However, autoimmune diseases start thriving in woman’s body during their child-bearing years. These show a possibility that the mixture of mother’s and fetus’ blood during pregnancy might lead to an immune confusion causing a woman’s body to attack its healthy cells.

Telepathy and Fetal Cells … Is there a Link?

Telepathy is a very intriguing subject, isn’t it? It is often touted as a miracle. Mothers, they are able to understand their child’s need and emotions even way before then said. So, is there any scientific relevance to this enchanting fact? I’m a mother too and yes, I think I’m superior to anyone else when it comes to understanding my child’s psychology. I have been giving that “See I told ya” expression to my husband’s “HOW?”, whenever my intuition about my daughter strikes the right chord. It is effortless.

However, I wanted to dig in a scientific explanation to telepathy and supporting the fact. I found out, there are plenty of scientific studies proving the strong psychological bond between mother and the child. The process is called Microchimerism. These Fetus Cells also passes cells to the mother’s brain during the gestation period. That accounts a lot for the mother-child ‘telepathy’.

Neither paranormal nor mystifying, telepathy has its own set of scientific explanations. And yes, it is the traces of these fatal cells inside a mother’s body that acts strongly as the telepathic link between the mother and baby.

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