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Feingold Diet
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If your child is facing problems related to learning or behavior like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), consider the Feingold Diet. This dietary approach was put forward by Dr. Benjamin Feingold in 1970s. He proposed that these disorders in kids can be treated by modifying their dietary habits to a certain extent. This dietary practice mainly takes into account the health, behavior, attention, perception and retention of the kids. Here are some of the top facts about Feingold Diet. Have a look.

1. Define Feingold Diet

This is a type of dietary practice, where foods containing harmful additive compounds like artificial sweeteners, artificial flavoring chemicals, artificial preservatives and food dyes are eliminated and replaced by food items, which are similar but do not have these additive compounds. It is a comprehensive dietary practice and is helpful in treating several other complications as well.

2. Problems to be Addressed by Feingold Diet Program

There are 4 categories of behavioral problems, which can be treated by practicing Feingold Diet Program. These are marked hyperactivity, impulsive actions like disruptive behavior, poor self control, abusive behavior, compulsive actions like aggression, chewing, scratching, biting and emotional concerns like irritability, depression, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, nervousness, etc. Also, there are 3 categories of learning problems, which can be treated with Feingold Diet. They are neuro-muscular involvement like dyslexia, seizures, poor muscular coordinaton, dysgraphia, perceptual and cognitive disturbances like complications with visual and auditory processing, difficulty in comprehension and short attention span like impatience, distraction and inability to listen to complete story..

3. Procedure of Feingold Diet Program

This diet program needs a modification in the lifestyle and eating habits of the family. The foods are quite expensive and needs to be manufactured right from scratch. This diet program operates in 2 stages.
Stage -1: Salicylates and other chemical compounds present in the food items are removed.
Stage -2: Salicylates, which can be tolerated are identified.
Dr. Feingold said that the dietary practice must be taken in to consideration strictly for the entire life. And, the whole family must observe the rules carefully.

4. Benefits of Feingold Diet Program

The Feingold Diet Program is very beneficial for not only the children but for the adults as well. It’s a balanced form of dietary practice, which includes fresh fruits and green vegetables. This diet works by eliminating the harmful artificial additives and preservatives in several forms, it limits the intake of the processed foods. This makes the diet more nutritious, enriching with food items. This form a balanced diet altogether.

5. Important Points on Feingold Diet

The most important point to remember about the diet is it is very time intensive. It takes time to learn all the rules about which items need to be forbidden and which all to be included. Patients must strictly adhere to the dietary practice. Parents must help the children to follow the rules from their heart.

These are some of the important facts on Feingold Diet. Know more and more about the diet and help your children get rid of the various complications easily.


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