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Exercises to Make Bones Stronger


We all know that the ultimate key to staying fit and healthy is exercise. This is even true for having healthier bones. However, one cannot deny that low-impact exercises alone would never lead to the solid strengthening of the bones. You must redefine your exercising pattern to achieve stronger bones.

Speaking of this, the best way to have stronger bones is to go high-impact Yes; your exercises should and must be weight-bearing! We agree that indulging in activities like swimming and cycling is beneficial for one’s health. While they keep the body in shape, you would need to go an extra mile for your bones.  Tennis, hopscotch, walk or run – do something which involves weight-bearing.

Any form of physical activity will make your bones fitter for the purpose they ought to be used for and reduce the risk of falling. It is our bones, which keep us going on and on. We can end up paying a heavy price for not taking care of them well enough. Besides this, we have been conditioned to believe that having weak bones is a problem common amongst the senior population which just isn’t true.

Weak bones can happen to anyone, regardless of the age factor. Therefore, it is advised to start doing the utmost for your bones’ health right from the teens and 20s. Make sure that you stay stronger and fitter later when old age says hello. In one’s teens, the body is still in a growing stage and full of capacity to undergo rigorous exercises. Therefore, follow an exercise routine from that age so that you do not have to worry later down the line. Let’s talk about some exercises which will serve as an ultimate vehicle to your destination of strong bones.

1. Lift it up

One of the best ways to build stronger bones is by lifting weights regularly. Yep! It can take you to a long way as this exercise helps at a greater level in building bone density and that too, of all ages.

Well, the reason behind this training is to exert a force onto the muscles but not to an extent that you end up with a distorted bone structure or a fracture.

Always remember that if you are new to something, make it a point to have a thorough guidance from a coach or an expert to avoid any mishap. Also stay away from unsafe techniques of lifting or injuries. In fact, we recommend you to kick-start your bone journey from lighter weights and build it up to heavier weights. This way you can have a great stamina so that by the time you reach to lifting the heavier ones, you have a stellar control and familiarity with the weight and your body’s capacity.

Lift weights keeping in mind your ability for about 6-10 repetitions. By ability, we mean controlling the weights. Then after short intervals, repeat the lifting for three times.

Following are the best exercises that will give you the ultimate version of the stronger bones!

– Deadlifts

– Squats

– Push-ups

– Weighted walking lunges

2. Hop it and Lock it

An exercise routine involving hopping and jumping will lock in more strength to your bones than you can imagine. This is a high-impact exercise technique which is beneficial for your bones as it exerts some kind of force on to the muscles, joints and of course bones. However, if you directly engage in a high-intensity impact exercise routine, you may end up with injuries and bruises. Hence, it is advised to take it brick by brick and gradually build the momentum.

According to the study, middle-aged women who engaged in a bone-building routine increased the bone density in their hips. We think this is enough to prove how jumping can go a long, long way!

Therefore, ensure that you indulge in rope jumping, jump training, and plyometric moves if you want to have killer bones! Jumping off a box and landing back on the floor and subsequently, on to another box is one popular plyometric exercise that everyone should do.

3. The Moderate Ones

Even engaging yourself in a moderate-impact exercise routine can help improve bone health. While we do not deny at all that the moderate one does not cast the impact that a high-intensity one would, it can still prove to be beneficial. It puts enough stress on to the muscles as needed, thereby improving the bone density.

When we talk about the workout routine with moderate-impact exercises, we refer to running or jogging, hiking, racquet sports, or climbing the stairs. Also, this can as simple as walking briskly, for at least 30 minutes a day or running on a treadmill. Besides these, we highly recommend balance training.

Balance training isn’t typically used for the building of the bones. Use it to improve the strength of the muscles, and the coordination and stability.

4. Dance Your Heart Out

A bone is a rigid structure and reacts to every force or exertion upon it. Dancing, specifically ballroom dancing is an ideal weight-bearing activity as it is the legs on which every move depends on, making the entire body dependent for support onto it. The high-intensity impact coupled with dancing can cause the formation of new bone tissues, directly leading to stronger bones as it involves a lot of stretching.

While dancing is one heck of a super effective technique and if there is anything that could make it ineffective is a body’s deficiency in Vitamin D and calcium.

If you are someone with an endeavor to enjoy all the benefits of this technique, then you need to up the game regarding your diet. Keep a firm track on your Vitamin D intake and make sure that you are at least consuming about 800 and 1000 units of Vitamin D in each of your meals so that your body gets to absorb as much calcium as possible.

Other than this, unsupervised dancing can land one in a pool of injuries, shoulder conditions or fracture. Incorporate ballroom dancing under a strict supervision of a certified choreographer to be on the safe side.


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