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What Lifters Need to Know about Essential Amino Acids


For athletes & weight-lifters in particular protein has become undoubtedly the most favorite element. Fitness facilitators have also been giving utmost stress upon protein consumption. Reason has been known to all. However, amino acids play a crucial role in building strength through protein in our body. While going through weight training program, consumption of essential amino acids would certainly give a heightened performance and also the muscle loss/damage recovery happen at a faster pace.

Amino Acids have been referred as a building block for the protein placed in our body. Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have also a role to play in the synthesis between hormones as well as neurotransmitters. EAAs have been formed of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon as well as oxygen with a combination of variable side chain group.

Our Body needs 20 various amino acids for growth & perfect functioning. Out of these 20, 9 have been classified as essential in particular.

Represented under the list for reference: Histidine, Lysine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Leucine, Phenylalanine, Valine

These EAAs needs to be consumed through food, which is unlike the nonessential amino acids self-creation phenomenon.

Post the food rich with EAAs has been consumed, it gets broken as amino acids & utilized in different functions such as muscle building as well as balancing of the immune system.

EAAs are also known to affect mood/ performance of the athletes. As a positive approach is essential for the hard athlete category like weight lifting consumption of EAAs becomes not just necessary but compulsory.

Food Sources

The human body is not capable of generating EAAs on its own. Hence, it becomes essential to supplement these through a well-structures diet.  Luckily, several food items are available which rich source of EAAs.

Food items having EAAs are recognized as complete protein like meat, seafood, eggs, daily products etc.

For individuals who prefer plant based food sources will have to mind-fully create a holistic diet for including each and every EAAs. As the plant based sources lack in some or other aspects hence remain incomplete. However, consumption of nuts, whole grains, seeds & veggies will surely help.


Each of the nine EAAs has a unique & significant part in the function of our body. Lifters may find this information beneficial as their need to understand the body is greater. Keeping these facts under consideration would definitely help lifters to have equilibrium of mental as well as physical fitness.

1. Phenylalanine: 

Phenylalanine has been an ancestor to the neurotransmitters such as tyrosine, epinephrine, dopamine as well as norepinephrine. This has a crucial part to play for structural as well as functional aspects related to protein as well as enzymes. Also, it helps in the creation of rest of the amino acids.

2. Valine: 

This EAA forms a part of the 3 branched-chain amino acids, which denotes that it has one chain branching off on one of the side related to its molecular structure. Valine supports in stimulation of muscle development as well as rejuvenation as well as. Valine is believed to be important in the generation of energy.

3. Threonine: 

Threonine forms a part of a primary segment related to structural proteins like collagen as well as elastin. These structural proteins are significant particles related to the skin as well as connective tissues. Also, these have a significant role to play in fat metabolism as well as immune function.

4. Tryptophan:

As such tryptophan has been mostly related with symptoms like feeling drowsy. However, this also carries several additional uses. Tryptophan is required for maintaining appropriate nitrogen balance as well as it is an originator for Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter which manages the functions like mood, sleep as well as appetite.

5. Methionine:

This EAA has a very significant part under the mechanism of metabolism as well as detoxification. Methionine has been believed to be essential in tissue development as well as for absorbing Zinc & selenium. These minerals are very much essential for your fitness.

6. Leucine:

Same as valine, leucine also form a part of the branched-chain amino acid which makes it crucial in protein synthesis mechanism. This supports in maintaining an equilibrium of blood sugar, boosts the healing process on the skin as well as generates developmental hormones.

7. Isoleucine:

Isoleucine also is one branched-chain amino acid. This is utilized for developing metabolism of muscles as well as it is highly saturated under the muscle tissues. Also, this EAA is essential for the immune system, hemoglobin generation as well as energy management.

8. Lysine:

Lysine has an important part to play for protein synthesis, hormonal balance as well as for generation of enzymes. Also, this EAA helps in absorbing calcium in the body. Other significant functions of the EAA are energy generation, immune system as well as the generation of collagen as well as elastin.

9. Histidine:

This EAA has a usability to generate histamine which is one neurotransmitter which is essential for immune response, digestive function, and sexual function as well as for sleep mechanism. Histidine is crucial in managing myelin sheath which is a safeguarding mechanism which is present around your verve cells.

Effect Breakdown

Specifically for the consumption of Lifters, these are some of the health benefits related to appropriate consumption of EAAs.  An athlete should make use of this awareness in deriving most out of their daily diet. Several health supplements may get you the much needed EAAs. Use of bodybuilding coupons can’t be in a better manner than procuring these essential supplements in an affordable way.

  • For elevated Mood & Sleep Tryptophan has been quite essential, also for the generation of serotonin which is a chemical that works like a neurotransmitter in the body. Serotonin is a very necessary balancer of sleep & behavioral aspects. Various studies have linked serotonin with depression as well as inconsistent sleep. Additional supplement of this may help in improvised happiness feel.
  • For Stimulating Performance during Work-Out EAAs have significant part to play. Above explained 3 branched-chains EAA have been extensively utilized for easing exhaustion, improvise the performance of the athlete as well as boost the regeneration of tissues post work-out. Several studies conducted in recent past have suggested that branched-chain EAA work in a greater manner for regenerating & easing damaged & exhausted tissues.
  • Loss of tissues has been a common phenomenon under the heavy work-out scenario. EAAs have been proven to boost the regeneration of lost tissues. Also, EAAs are helpful in preventing the muscle breakdown also it helps in maintaining the mass of the body.

Due to the high physical demand, lifters continuously face the challenge of creating a balanced diet. Hopefully, this article helps them to some extent in understanding the importance of EAAs. Several dietary supplements can be explored in order to fulfill this bodily requirement. Also, athletes may seek help from the health supplements available in the market for a definite result.


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