Trendy Embroidery Design Works for Churidar Salwar Kameez


When we hear about design works for dresses, the first thing that comes to our mind is embroidery works. We cannot imagine a woman’s wardrobe without a dress which has embroidery works on it. Yes! It is the most used design work from hundreds of years. And it is also loved by every woman since ages. Now the question which is in our minds is why is it so much loved and preferred over other design works! There’s so much to know about this eccentric design work which is been practicing in India from many years. The first thing that is visible when you see a fabric with embroidery design works is it’s excellent appearance. The embroidery work is not simply made using digital methods. It needs a perfect skill to generate the work where the designers play with colorful threads to weave in different ways to create various patterns.

Embroidery work is so much popular in the fashion world and it is one of the huge gifts that is given by India to the global fashion industry. Churidar salwar suits are the most loved outfits by women from all the parts of the world because of its tranquility and awesome appeal it serves. As there are huge collection of Churidar Salwar Kameez available in the market, it obviously needs to be designed with unique works to attract the customers. The first thing that every designer suggests you when you go for designer salwar kameez is this sole embroidery work. Though it is old, it has never stepped down from its place in the fashion industry.

There is so much to know about this ancient and traditional design works which has become world famous in recent years. We will see various types of embroidery works practiced by designers to create different looks in this article. Along with the knowledge, you will get to know what design to get when you go for shopping for this festival season.

Crochet Embroidery Design Works

Crochet design work is generally seen upon curtains, sarees and salwar kameez borders. It is one famous type of embroidery works which is widely in demand at all the times. When we see a crochet design work, we can see a lot of colourful threads binding with each other in a unique way. Threads are interlocked with each other forming loops for one another. It looks totally unique and special on salwar kameez fabric. It can be done before the dress is stitched or even after it is done. Even beads and pearls can be used in between which enhances the total appeal of the dress.

Resham Embroidery Design Works

resham workResham design work is the most preferred embroidery works in recent times because of the royal look it fetches to churidar salwar kameez. This work is mainly done using colourful silk threads. It appears trendy as well as traditional at the same time. A soft textured work makes you feel serene on your churidar salwar kameez. This work is mostly seen on wedding salwar kameez and Indian wedding sarees. In previous days there were skilled workers to carry out the design works but now this design can be worked on the fabric using digital ways.

Crystal Embroidery Design Work

This is the most famous works of embroidery design works in northern parts of India. Here the threads are interlocked in a unique way while the crystals are used in between them. The crystals are artificial beads or kundans which look shimmering and are available in various colours. When golden or diamond like crystals are used, it brings the most glamorous look for your churidar salwar kameez. Most of the wedding attires are seen with this crystal embroidery works.

Sequin Embroidery Design Works

sequin work, embroidery design worksThis design work is not only popular in India, even in Arabic countries sequin embroidery work is so much popular. Here it is not just the thread work,but also beads and pearls are involved while making the design. The threads are woven in a way to create traditional patterns like mango, animals, pots etc. And sequin embroidery work is mostly seen near the neck line or the borders. Nowadays we can see sequin works on Anarkali salwar suits. It is one of the loved embroidery design works since ancient times.

Pita Embroidery Work

It is the only embroidery design works which can be done only by hand. No machine could replace the work done by designers by hand. It is seen commonly on designer wears like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga. Here golden or silver threads are used to create floral designs and much more. It can be even dressed with kundans and stones in between the flowers. It can be done over the dupatta as well as it enhances the looks of total salwar kameez appeal.

Zardosi Design Work

zardosi work, embroidery design worksZardosi is a design work which includes almost everything like sequin work, crystal embroidery work and much more. Here metallic silver threads along with other colorful threads like golden and others and crystals like beads, pearls and many other kind of stones are used to create designs. It is one of the most seen embroidery works on churidar salwar kameez and sarees. It looks beautiful on borders and dupatta too.

Kashmiri Embroidery Work

Have you ever loved the works made upon Kashmiri shawls, sweaters and dupatta that are available in Kashmir! They are the best design works ever seen on fabrics. All the beauty of valleys, flowers, vines and leaves are seen in the Kashmiri embroidery works. These are done using mild colors like white, brown, maroon and pink etc. The designs that are made look so much lovable and it creates the design which looks so much real.

Motif Embroidery Design Work

Women are the real lovers of pearls and colorful beads and beautiful accessories. Which dress doesn’t look beautiful with the work done using these charming design works! And when you choose to go for a salwar kameez with this design work, it will be your best decision ever. You can buy Indian salwar suits online which is made with motif embroidery design for festivals and weddings as it gets you a royal appearance. This embroidery work is also made by hands by skilled designers and nowadays it is also designed using machines and digital modes.

All these design works are totally amazing in their own ways. Each one of them look completely unique than others. Few designs of them make us feel mesmerized by their distinct looks which makes us not to believe it as a type of embroidery works. Understand each of them well and ask your designer to get your new dress with a unique work this time.



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