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5 Simple Steps To An Effective ABS Workout Strategy


Getting a toned, sculpted body is something fitness enthusiasts always yearn for, and are working tirelessly to achieve results. However, different body structures, different body shapes, physical limitations and abilities mean that different individuals have to take different routes to achieve a well-toned set of abs.

The important thing to remember is that while spending a lot of time and energy on ab workouts, it is very important to remember that eating right, staying motivated and managing the workout are three very crucial steps to devise an effective strategy on abs workout at cultfit.

Regular abs training also helps in boosting overall core strength, making it easier on the body to complete all the lifts that burn the most fat content, such as the squat, the bench, and the deadlift. The good thing about abs is that they can be trained anywhere, and doesn’t necessarily require the individual to be physically in the gym or fitness studio. While sitting in the office, while watching TV at home, taking around 15-20 minutes of your time could go a very long way in improving your abs, and core strength.

Let’s take a look at 5 simple, yet effective strategies to optimize an abs-workout strategy:

1. Practice, and try to perfect ‘The Plank’:

The best way to go around this is to start with a plank position, and then have someone (your workout buddy, trainer etc) place a broom on your back. Ideally, the broom should be in contact with your head, upper back, and buttocks. This means that the spine is correctly aligned. If the stick isn’t in contact with all three points, adjust your posture until it does. That’s the most effective position to hold.

2. Start with the core, but do not over-work it:

The idea of giving your core a 5-10 minute workout first is to get the other muscles warmed up and working for the rest of the workout. 3-5 sets of core exercises should get you there. The idea is to get stronger and not more tired.

3. Never start work-outs with crunches:

The most common ab work-outs like crunches and sit-ups work on the muscles that allow you to flex the are near your lower spine. True core workout exercises work to prevent your spine from rounding, instead allowing you to transfer your power from your lower body to your upper body.

4. Don’t do an ABS WORKOUT in order to lose fat:

It has been estimated that it would ideally take an individual to complete 250,000 crunches to burn one pound of fat. Ab workouts are to strengthen and tone the stomach and core. Weight-loss or fat-burning exercises can be done separately.

5. Work on every single muscle:

Muscle works as the primary fat-burning agent in the body. Burning calories during exercise is caused from the contraction of the muscles. It is estimated that a single total-body workout session can improve an individual’s metabolism for unto a day or two.

Curefit offers a large variety of core and ab strengthening exercises, designed to cater to different bodies, abilities, limitations and goals. It is always important to remember to stay motivated, and keep going no matter what.

Check how plank exercise will helps to stay fit and to take a look at some of the various workouts that could aid you on your way to “washboard ab muscles.”


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