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5 Applications of Drywalls That Modern Homes Are Witnessing


This is the age of modern architecture. Be it homes, hotels, offices or even the industries, every construction project is focusing on the incorporation of modern elements to remain updated with the trends of the market.

While some of the basic characteristics of modern architecture dwell in the simplicity and efficiency, others also capture its tech-savvy and spacious details. So, when you enter such homes, you can recognize their modern appeal right away.

Moreover, it is not just the design and planning that makes up to a modern home; it is also the utilization of various new-age construction materials. Drywall, for instance, is one such building material that is gaining popularity for all the right reasons. This modern construction material is light-weighted, fire and water resistant, requires less time and energy and is visually appealing. In a nutshell, it is an ideal choice for a modern home.

Today, more and more architects are opting for drywall – a perfect alternative to a traditional brick and mortar wall. Below are five applications of drywall in a modern home.

1. Exterior Walls

 No matter how stylish a home is from inside, the first and foremost chance to create a lasting impression is to have enticing exteriors. After all, it is no less than the face of the home. Whether it is the texture, color, design or style, each element of the exterior wall must be chosen wisely. This is where the features of drywall come to the rescue. Their smooth texture, versatility and attractive design make them a popular choice among architects and contractors.

Going beyond the visual appeal, drywalls also offer higher durability and less maintenance. They also resist water; so even after facing the heavy lashes of rains, the home looks new as ever!

2. Interior Walls

Drywalls are known for their smooth and clean look, and this is why they are often used in internal walls of modern homes. They have made traditional brick walls obsolete and offer various advantages over them. From bedrooms and halls to kitchen and bathrooms, drywall can be installed anywhere and everywhere in the house.

Interestingly, manufacturers like SCG Smart Build offer quality drywalls with heat protection system to keep the home properly insulated while maintaining the temperature at a comfortable level. This also improves the energy efficiency of the home. The accoustical control system is also a wonderful feature that makes drywall a great choice for modern homes.

3. Ceilings

Nowadays, construction projects have started focusing on the aesthetics of the fifth wall. Drywall comes as a great option for it is unique yet trustworthy. They do not just enhance the visual appeal of the ceilings but also last longer. In addition, they also provide protection from moisture, fire and termites. Some drywalls are specially made for eaves and offer better ventilation in the home.

Decorating drywall with lights is also easy. One can easily install any attractive downlights and paint the drywall as per their choice.

4. Flooring

The times have gone when architects relied on cement, marbles and tiles for flooring the house; it is the era of innovation and efficiency. Drywalls are slowly taking over other floor materials and are even complying with them to give the best results. Their water and fire resistant capability also make them a better choice for floors.

What else? Well, while discussing drywall advantages when used as flooring, one cannot overlook the fact that drywalls take less time for installation – save time, energy and money effectively.

5. Partitions

Over time, partitions have become an essential part of modern homes. They effortlessly divide space and ensure privacy to the residents. Moreover, they are easy to construct and cheaper as compared to bearing wall.

Drywalls are the best option when it comes to constructing partition walls. They offer crack-free surface which can be painted and decorated easily. They can make home look spacious while giving a unique appearance as well.

The applications of drywalls in a modern home highlight their versatility that is quite crucial in this dynamic world. While this is a crucial feature, there is more to drywalls. To know about other features and applications of this futuristic product, one can always contact any of the drywall manufactures and decide.


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