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DIY THC Vape Juice: Why Are You Wasting Money On Pre Filled Carts?


Why spend much more than absolutely necessary on your cannabis? Wax Liquidizer helps you create great tasting THC vape juice yourself. This totally eliminates the need for expensive, pre-filled cartridges.

 Right now, you’re doing things the hard way. You run to the dispensary over and over, buying tiny, 0.5ml vape cartridges. You have no control over the vape they come in. You have very little flavor selection. You can’t pick your own concentrate and don’t really know what’s in the cartridge in the first place.

We’re shocked at the number of people who think these carts contain pure BHO. Not the case for most!

Wax Liquidizer eliminates all of these problems and more while saving you money and reducing the amount of waste you’re chucking into the garbage.

What’s not to like?

How To Save Money Making THC Vape Juice?

Do you like paying a 6 time mark up on stuff you buy regularly? Of course, you don’t. But that’s what you’re doing when you buy pre filled vape cartridges.

You’re buying a diluted concentrate in a minute amount and lining the pockets of someone you’ll never meet. They’re taking you for a ride. Here’s the breakdown.

Consider that a pre-filled vape cartridge costs thirty-five dollars of your hard-earned cash at the dispensary. Remember, that’s for a scant .5ml of juice.

The vape juice is a mix of a concentrate and a vape juice solution. The solution is added to change the consistency of the concentrate so it works in the vape. These vape systems are cartridge based and simply cannot handle thick concentrates straight up.

Wax Liquidizer now sells that vape juice mixing solution direct to consumers. It’s not the exact same thing you find in these cheaply made (yet expensive) cartridges, it’s actually better.

It costs so little to use each time that it’s a non-issue. It doesn’t increase your overall cost by more than a few cents.

Instead of wasting your $35 on a cart, buy a gram of concentrate with it instead. Now add some Wax Liquidizer and turn it into 3ml of THC vape juice in less than 5 minutes.

And that’s for the manufacturer recommended dose. Many users add slightly less liquidizer (2ml is recommended) for a more potent juice. The only thing holding you back is the performance of your vape. If it can handle thicker juice, you can experiment with even more cost savings and a powerful vape juice mix.

How To Make THC Vape Juice With Wax Liquidizer

The steps are so simple it’s almost overkill to explain them.

You take your wax, you take your liquidizer reviews, you warm the two and you’ve got your juice. How do you warm them? Well, you can heat the liquidizer on its own first in the microwave or put both the concentrate and liquidizer together and microwave for a few seconds.

If you don’t want to get into nuking your juice, there are stovetop methods on the website. It’s essentially a hot water bath or double boiler method.

Now you move your juice into the tank and you’re ready to vape.

Time To Mix It Up WIth Your Own THC Vape Juice

Smart people are already opening a new browser tab and checking out the Wax Liquidizer website. They ship their totally legal product almost anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for recreational and medicinal users and there is no learning curve.

It’s as easy as pre-filled vape cartridges. It’s better quality than pre-filled vape cartridges. Wax Liquidizer is made in the USA and is more transparent about its ingredients than pre-filled cartridge companies.

There are no drawbacks and only the potential for amazing savings.

 Don’t sleep on this, order some today.


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