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5 Different Types of Sailing Clothes


As the sailing season approaches, you are required to keep yourself ready for it. One of the main things while prepping for sailing is to choose the type of sailing clothes.

Choosing safe sailing clothes to ensure that you keep yourself safe while sailing. You should keep these sailing clothes with you in your bag. We are going to tell you about 5 different types of sailing clothes that you can choose from

1. Skorts:

Many people believe that wearing a skirt while sailing is not a practical thing to be done. However, this misconception has nothing to do with reality. A skort dress has been designed after getting inspiration from the skirt. It has a built-in shot attached underneath that keeps the person feel comfortable throughout the sailing.

When you move out of the sailing boat to the bar with your friends, you don’t need to change your dress when you are wearing a skort. It gives a very stylish and amazing look that you can move around wearing a skort. Due to increased demand for this amazing sailing dress, there are several sizes in which the skorts are available in the market.

2. Light jacket:

When it comes to sailing, there are two types of light jackets available: softshell and fleece. The light jackets are the best type of sailing clothes especially when the winds get in.


The softshell sailing jacket is a type of sailing dress which is water-resistant to a great extent and also more wind resistant. These types of jackets are considered to more durable as compared to other jackets


If we compare the fleece with the softshell, it feels to be softer and lighter in weight. However, the fleece jackets are not generally durable and lose their effectiveness with time.

When it comes to choosing between the softshell and fleece, the only thing which is taken into consideration is the personal preference of the person.

If you are sailing in damp weather, choose the softshell and choose fleece when you are going to sail in dry weather.

3. Shorts and pants:

Wearing shorts and pants while sailing gives a lot more comfortable experience than any other type of clothing to be used for sailing. All you need to do is choose the breathable and soft fabric of pants and shorts. One should always choose the sailing dress which is capable of withstanding the hard boat surface.

The pants and shorts are generally flexible and more resistant to wind. These stretchy dresses also provide protection against the ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

4. Sailing shirts:

The sailing shirt can be any old t-shirt which can give you more comfort in the summer season and regulate the temperature of the body. The sailing shirts are designed with the fabric which is capable of absorbing the sweat of the body in summers.

These shirts also give sun protection. The sailing shirts available today in the market are woven with the fabric which can give more sun protection and are also breathable. It is recommended to use the sailing shirt with long sleeves and should lose enough so that you can adjust the coverage of these shirts on your body according to the weather.

5. Vest:

Unlike sailing shirts, the vests are designed for cold weather when you want to keep yourself a little warm while sailing. The vest designed for sailing purpose is a combination of multiple layers which keeps the person warm. Moreover, it is also resistant to wind and does a great job when it comes to blocking the cold freezing wind in the cold season.


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