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Diet Soda: 5 Must Known Facts for All


Diet soda is defined as the carbonated drink, which is non-alcoholic and does not have sugar, carbohydrate and calories. Diet Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Coke and Sprite Zero are some of the renowned brands of the diet soda. People across the world has a myth that it helps to lose weight. After many studies and researches, it has been shown that the diet soda does not cause weight loss. Instead, it leads to weight gain. It also gives rise to certain dangerous diseases. Find out the top 5 facts about Diet Soda. Have a look at them.

Fact 1: Diet Soda Enhances the Food Craving

Diet Soda contains artificial sweeteners. This increases the appetite of the individuals. It increases the food craving to a huge extent. People start consuming excessive calories. This leads to tremendous gain in weight. Obese people generally consume the diet soda because they believe that since it has zero carbohydrates and sugar, it will help with weight loss. However, this concept is far away from the factual truth. It does not aid in losing weight at all.

Fact 2: Nutritional Value – Nil

There is no reason at all to justify the consumption of this beverage. It does not contain any nutritional value. 1 can of diet soda has 4 calories, 0.07 grams of fats, 0.84 grams of carbohydrates and 0.39 grams of proteins. It is totally worthless for a person. Healthy beverages have different minerals and vitamins in them. Even plain water hydrates the body and does not add any extra calories. But this beverage has absolutely nothing except calories and sugars.

Fact 3: Diet Soda Harms Important Body Organs

The artificial sweeteners in the diet soda endanger the functioning of the kidneys. They lead to severe renal failure and kidney disorders. They are very dangerous for the kidneys. People consuming diet soda develops the risk of getting affected by metabolism syndrome. They develop a high level of cholesterol and even the risk of cardiac arrests. This, may eventually lead to the death of the individuals. These beverages also affect the liver of the individuals leading to total failure of the liver functioning.

Fact 4: Diet Soda is a Threat to Dental Hygiene

Diet sodas are the beverages, which have a pH level of 3.2. They are highly acidic in nature. The artificial sugar present in them gets combined with the bacteria and other microorganisms present in the mouth. This leads to the formation of the carbolic acid. These acids affect the enamel and damage it. These also lead to tooth decay and cavities. Having too much of diet sodas lead to several problems and complications related to dental hygiene.

Fact 5: Diet Sodas Lead to Weakened Bones

Diet sodas contain chemicals like phosphoric acid. This beverage also contains a certain amount of caffeine. These have a negative impact on the bones. This decreases the density of the bones and also leads to osteoporosis. Also, many people replace these diet sodas with the milk. This is highly detrimental for the bones since this diet soda does not contain calcium, which is extremely necessary for maintaining healthy bones. These give rise to weakened and soft bones prone to easy damages.

Thus, these are some of the important must know facts about diet soda. Every individual must remember these facts thoroughly. It is highly advised to avoid the consumption of the diet sodas. And, instead, opt for healthier alternatives like fruit juice, water and milk. This will keep you healthy and fit.





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