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Designer Jewelry: How to Make Them Tips

Many new jewelry makers are often at a loss, when it comes to sending their original designs to be manufactured. If you’re a new designer, working with local jewelers or manufacturers can be easier than you think. Learn about the specific guidelines you should follow when communicating with a manufacturer. Discover how easy it is to produce large quantities of your jewelry with a local jewelry manufacturer. Read on to discover more about how custom made and personalized designer jewelry for your business. Here are some handy tips for manufacturing designer jewelry.

1. Be Specific about Designing Jewelry

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Several factors need to be considered when designing jewelry. Colors, material types and sizes are some essential aspects. These are essential of any designer’s creation system. During your design journey, you may draw sketches and create prototypes that manufacturers will find integral to their manufacturing processes. Along with these supplementary materials, make sure you list precise measurements and specifications, material types, finishes and gemstone varieties. Ultimately, this will ensure that a manufacturer produces your jewelry correctly and meets your specific needs.

2. Consider Cost for Manufacturing Designer Jewelry

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Many novice jewelry makers aren’t aware of material and manufacturing costs that apply to their pieces. If you know the minute details of your piece, it’s easier to calculate an average cost of production per unit. Whether you are assembling pieces yourself or outsourcing work to a third-party source, knowing labor costs is an important part of budgeting. Awareness of even the smallest costs will also help you decide how to price a piece for sale and inform you whether it’s worth mass producing a specific piece of jewelry or not.

3. Research Potential Manufacturers

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Once you are ready for production, research different manufacturers to find the ones, who work with the materials you use. You can consult online sources or visit manufacturers in person. Aside from materials expertise, costs, batch size, timetable and creative control are important factors. When you’re knowledgeable about their manufacturing procedures, they’re more likely to trust your ideas. Familiarize yourself with common manufacturing processes like:

  • Lost Wax Casting
  • Laser Cutting
  • CAM and CAD
  • Hand Carved Wax Modelling
  • 3D Printing
  • Stone Setting
  • Enameling
  • Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Soldering

4. Find Out More about the Designer Jewelry

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After selecting a manufacturer, get to know the specifics of their production processes. This includes whether they are best suited for single pieces or large batch production. Once you have all the details, it can be easy to get a quote. Having a quote in hand can help you determine how viable it is to produce your custom pieces. Then you can figure out if your design is ready or needs a few more tweaks to be a cost effective piece.

5. Work with the Manufacturer

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Once your designs are finalized and samples have been created, it’s important to communicate with your manufacturer on a regular basis. Work with them to ensure every aspect of your piece is perfect. Experienced manufacturers can help you to easily refine designs through CAD and CAM programs and several revisions may be required before you feel that your piece is ready. You should also regularly converse with your manufacturer once production starts. They can update you on the production timeline and let you know if any problems arise.

Creating designer jewelry is an exhausting, time consuming business. But, it is fulfilling and often results in stunning pieces. Keep your goals in mind throughout the process to find a manufacturer, whose style and expertise align with yours.

To know about the step by step process of making a crystal wrapped jewelry, follow the tutorial below:


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