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What is Dental Assisting?


If you are looking for a career after studying dentistry, you can start with dental assisting. It pays you well, teaches you a lot and gives you a good experience. Here, we will tell you about everything you need to know about dental assisting. Be rest assured that it is one of the great ways to serve people facing dental issues. You also get to learn so much about the skill of dentistry and become eligible to get to higher posts.

Role of a Dental Assistant

As the name is already suggesting, you will have to work as an assistant. From the very start of the day, you will have to take care of certain aspects. You will check that the supplies and equipment are available in all the operating rooms. You have to set up patient’s charts with their details about address and their condition. As there will be a number of patients in the clinic, you will need to manage a lot of work. It is the job of an assistant to bring the patient into the operating room and follow the dentist’s instructions.

An assistant’s job also includes helping the dentist during the operation by handing out all the equipment needed to work on the patient. When one task is complete, the assistant cleans the room or gets it cleaned by someone who is designated to do so. They make sure that the place is ready for the next patient to sit or get treated.

Schools for Dental Assistants

To pursue a career we need to first learn the skill and acquire a degree or certify for the job. There are dedicated schools for dental assisting that will teach you about your roles and jobs in the following classes:

  • Dental Materials
  • Dental Office Administration
  • Dental Anatomy
  • Dental Radiography
  • Dental Pharmacology
  • Dental Specialities

Since you have to help the dentist in certain tasks you need to know all about:

  • Dental forceps
  • Orthodontic pliers
  • Molar clamps
  • Steam cleaning equipment
  • Sterilizers
  • Medical software
  • Tongue Forceps

Dental assisting is an emerging career these days in the States. To become a certified dental assistant (CDA), you need to pass the dental assisting national board (DANB) exam. It will enable you to get a degree, certificate and then apply for jobs.

Further Career Options

Pediatrics – If you enjoy being around children and can be useful for the children, you can become a child dentist assistant. You will need to calm nervous children and get them ready for being treated and can have a well-built career.

Insurance Agent – being an assistant in dentistry you will end up having good knowledge about dental insurances. You can also shift away to such an area if you like commerce in science.

Dental Assisting School of Georgia is a school that can teach you how to become a professional dental assistant. You can rely on good schools like this to take your career ahead. These places give you a good choice and show you the right path. You need to be sure that you like this genre and go ahead with it.


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