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Swimming Pool: Decide Upon the Pool Coping with these Tips


Swimming pool is one of the finest assets in a home. But, you need to make sure to get it constructed well. This not only gives you the happiness of swimming at any time of the day, but it also remains sturdy for a long time. In this context one of the very important parts of a swimming pool is the pool coping.

1. What Do You Mean by Pool Coping?

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Pool coping is nothing but creating an edge in the swimming pool. This is a feature that is very crucial for the structure of the pool. Your pool can have that strength around the edges with the help of pool coping. This feature adds to the safety of the pool. This is one of the most essential aspects of any pool construction.

2. What Materials Can be Used for Pool Coping?

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There are a variety of materials to be used for pool coping. This depends on various factors like functionality, look and cost. If there is a material that is high in cost, then there is also the one, that suits the needs of the client that is low on budget. Here are some materials for you.

  • Poured Concrete

This is the most long lasting material. If you are looking for an affordable option, then also this material is a preferred choice. The even surface created by it is highly attractive. But the only problem is that in case you have high temperature variations it may show cracks and cause seepage.

  • Brick 

Brick is also a charming option. But, it is not used as widely because it gives a rough feel to the surface. It may also retain heat which is not a desirable quality.

  • Stone

Stone is a great material to be used around pools, especially for the pool coping. This is because it is tough, has great looks and it is also cooler than most of the materials. The only problem with it is that it is costly. The cost is mainly a problem with the varieties that are high end such as travertine. But, if you can afford this stone you will be able to give your pool that edge above others.

3. How to Select the Best Material for Pool Coping of Your Swimming Pool

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The process of choosing the material could be an over whelming one. This is because of the number of varieties that are available. You must choose the material considering the  points in particular.

4. Color

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The color of the surroundings will determine the color of the material that you use for your pool edging. If your pool is surrounded by a variety of natural elements you must opt for the earthy tone. But, if you like to give it a modern look you can use the stark contrasts in the pool coping of your swimming pool.

5. Style of Coping

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There are mainly four styles of pool coping that you can use for your swimming pool:

  • The Bull Nose: This gives the edge of your pool a flat surface and an edge that is rounded.
  • The Cantilevered Coping: This coping has an edge that is right angled and drops straight down into the pool.
  • The Rolled Coping: This coping gives the edge of the pool an upwardly curled look.
  • The Rough Coping: This is a rough cut that you can give to your coping. This coping is not flat on the surface and prevents slipping when he surface is wet.

Choosing the right kind of pool coping will not only enhance the look of your pool but will also make it safe for you and your family when you are out there swimming.


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  1. Hello there,
    Thanks for your outstanding guidelines regarding swimming pool coping.
    I totally agree with all of your points. I am local stonemason . I found that people prefer , color, stones material while building pools.
    In New Zealand, Terrazzo pool copings is very popular.

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