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3 Reasons That Stellar is The Best Data Recovery Software Program of 2017


It is rare to hear that a Windows system has become corrupted, but it does happen from time to time. Sometimes, errors do occur, and you find that your machine has crashed. Some people delete files from their computer and even remove them from the Recycle Bin, which makes it hard to recover data. Data is essential for any business as it is used to make informed decisions about how to run the business and even the kinds of customers to target. That is why, it is imperative to find software that will help you recover lost files and your data. The Stellar Data Recovery software is one of the best recovery programs being used in the market currently. Read how Stellar mentioned here is easy to use with different functionalities.

If you happen to lose data various kinds of data such as pdf files, video, text, and audios, Stellar Data Recovery will be able to restore them by searching many folders.

If you are considering buying a data recovery software but don’t know which one to pick, below are three reasons why you need to settle on the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software.

1. Compatibility

The Stella Data Recovery Software is an easy and powerful tool which can help you recover your lost files. The beauty of this software is that it is compatible with Windows Operating System. It usually can retrieve data of up to 1GB at no cost. You will be able to select what type of file you want to recover and choose the location where you want it to be restored to.

2. User Friendly

Whether you are looking for a data recovery solution for home or for professional purposes, you want to be able to recover your important files. What used to happen sometime back is that you would send your hard drive to a data recovery company to make a recovery for you and then they would charge you a specific fee.  The Stellar Data Recovery Software is easy to use. You can recover data yourself and do it quickly.

Another feature that makes it easy to use is the ability to have a preview of the files you have recovered while it is scanning for the data. You can either perform a quick search or do a more detailed search.

3. Recovers Variety of Data

The Stellar Data Recovery Software has some features built into it. You can recover data once you have formatted your hard drive; it is possible to recover emails and any data which is lost from the partition of a hard drive.

It is also possible to recover documents of any kind such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs. When it comes to recovering multimedia, you can restore images which are in formats such as jpeg, png, gif and many more.

If the data is on a CD that has scratches, or it has been corrupted, you can still restore it.


Stellar Data Recovery software is powerful software to have on your machine to prevent any data loss. If you have owned a laptop or PC, you know it is possible to lose data at any time. That is why it is essential to take precautionary measures to avoid the loss.


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  1. Based on this I can say that it is a reliable software like the one I am using. Since it can recover up to 1gb of data, that is good! It said that it support Windows, but what about MacOs? I use a Macbook air and I am using Acethinker Disk Recovery. It can also recover lost data up to 1gb and more. Hope you find this useful.

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