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Cyber Security through Encryption to Protect the Digital Assets

Inspite of the heavy traffic on internet, there’s always a risk of hacking of things sent online. There’s a need to opt for cyber security to secure the digital assets. And, here comes the concept of various types of encryption, which help in preventing the hacking and cracking of the networks and even the fastest computers. Securing the digital assets is the need of the hour. And, let’s look at the tips to do so.

1. Cyber Security through Simple Encryption Process for File Transfer

cyber security, network security, encryption, data security, digital assets, cyber vulnerability
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There are a lot of methods for encrypting files, while you try sending them from one individual to another. The simple method being the website providing the feature of file transfer with encryption. One such website is Both receivers and senders need to create an account. It’s free to use. But, it limits the size of per file to 80 MB. There is a cross platform tool (Mac + Win). It is Encrypto, which encrypts file stored in a  machine and helps to send it via mail. The files are secured with password and password hint. One may also opt for various email services with file encryption. These are, and

2. Securing Secret Information with Self Destructing Notes

PrivNote, cyber security, network security, encryption, data security, digital assetsCyber security is of utmost importance to transfer some of the secret information over internet. To send over the Bank Password, ATM Pin or email password, you need not leave any record anywhere. Simply use PrivNote, which helps in self destructing  the data when it gets read. It can also be encrypted with a password and even with an email notification of the note being destroyed.

3. Encryption for Cloud Storage

Boxcryptor, cyber security, network security, encryption, data security, digital assetsThe encryption service for cloud storage providers is Boxcryptor. The service works on an array of platforms, right from the desktop to the mobile platforms. It offers both free and paid versions. The free version of the software helps to choose and secure one provider of cloud storage with a limitation of 2 devices. While, the paid version removes these restrictions with just a yearly amount of $48.

4. Cyber Security on Smartphones

cyber security, network security, encryption, data security, digital assets
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To encrypt the files on a smartphone, you have several network security options. Android users must enable encryption from Settings and then Security for encrypting data on both SD card and phone. But, it must be understood that while encrypting the SD card in a smartphone, it will be inaccessible on other devices until and unless it’s decrypted on the same device. And for iPad and iPhone users having OS iOS8 and more, simply click on Settings and then on Touch ID & Passcode. Then, one must scroll down to find the last sentence, which reads “Data Protection is Enabled”. If it doesn’t say that set the security with a password to enable data encryption automatically.

5. Encrypting Folders On Computers

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For the Windows users, a compression software may be used like 7-zip and for the Mac users, there’s a built-in tool, known as the Disk Utility. It creates a compressed, encrypted image of the folder or the file. While 7-Zip uses 256 bit encryption, Disk utility offers both 256 bit and 128 bit encryption. You can choose between the two. Simply Launch the Disk Utility tool, go to File, then to New Image, click on the Image from the Folder and then select the Folder followed by choosing the encryption. Your folder is completely secured.

Cyber Security for the digital assets has become a serious concern these days with the advent of digitalisation. Please feel free to share your views on the same in our comment section to make our readers aware on the topic to a huge extent.



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