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Creative Easter Gift Baskets for Kids


This is the season of happiness and frolicking fun. Children look forward to the mirthful occasion throughout the year with high hopes for hilarious presents. Don’t let their prospect down with the usual droning gift varieties you may pick at the supermarket. Instead, add-on to the delights of the Easter joy with some creative Easter gift baskets for your kids and near ones. Since the festival captures the Christian spirit of giving and sharing, share with your kids the bliss of filial love expressed through novel gift ideas. In case you’re still wondering about what to present the kids this year, here are some artistic ideas for packing an Easter gift basket this season.

Easter Gift
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1. Easter Basket on Garden Theme

Instead of the conventional basket, buy a toy wagon and fill it with gardening instruments made of plastic. Throw in some candies and flowers for a lovely springtime Easter gift. The basket could be made all the more bright with a gardening apron, a plastic mower and some plant seeds to make it more realistic. Your child may develop the beneficial knack for gardening, which would also keep him occupied in a procreative activity for hours.

2. Mini Toy Truck Easter Gift Basket

The market has similar, hackneyed Easter gift basket for kids. Let your child stand out of the crowd with the exceptionalism of a rare possession. Gift your kid the joys of loitering around the neighborhood lane with a toy truck which, of course, comes along with bubble wands, Frisbee, soft toys and flavored chocolates. These trucks are noiseless and come with safety devices. This is pretty handy. So, kids along with toddlers don’t have a hard time operating it. It should also keep the growing child, who is easily bored occupied for a long time.

3. Goody Bags with Easter Bunny

Since kids are satisfied with simple presents and gladness is homemade, if the unique Easter gifts is a bunny bag, which can be crafted and made out of discarded household materials. Take an unprinted fabric cloth, sew it into a shape of a bunny and stitch a rabbit face on it. The cut out bunny ear shape of the cloth serves as a tying knot for the bag. It’s easy to make and a useful Easter gift for kids. These handmade bags are surprisingly long-lasting and provide for a lot of purposes for the multi-engaged child. When you present the gift to your child, make sure you stuff it with endearing goodies like a box of lip-smacking treats, some furry animal toys or a new set of crayons and drawing copies.

4. Hip Hoppin Fun Easter Activity Pail

What is Easter without fun? On the arrival of the much awaited festive season, let your kids share the excitement of fun-filled and artistic activities and a set of lip-smacking treats. You can place an order at your local shop for an Easter basket delivery, but make it customized in keeping with your child’s needs and desires. Since most kids prefer games and engaging activities, few of the best options are coloring and story books, a hula hoop and board games. No gift is complete without candy treats, which may include gummy bears, marshmallow cubes and chocolate flavored chewing sticks.

5. Little Princess Disney Easter Fun Basket

If you’re one of those lucky parents of a blooming diva, be sure to treat them right with a tantalizing Disney princess gift pack. Apart from a model makeup kit barbies, your diva must deserve more pleasing stuffs like a book on fairy tales, paint brushes with a painting set, dressing apparels and accessories and unique styling and fashion devices. For more scrumptious and appetizing treats, there’re bunny-shaped milk chocolate truffles, coconut and almond cookies, fruit and coco-flavored jelly beans and of course, cartoon-themed cupcakes. The not-so-petite queen bee is bound to feel elated on receiving such charming and heart-warming gifts.

Rediscover yourself in the innocent glee of your children in the season that embodies the soul’s re-incarnation. Nothing enlivens the spirit of your as well as your child’s more than a thoughtful gift on an auspicious occasion. It’s always a pleasure to watch your youngsters go insane with gladness as you surprise them with astounding presents.

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