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5 Common Questions to Ask When Renting A Storage Unit


Are you a first-timer tenant of a storage unit? We can certainly help.

Whether you have to temporarily store possessions while storing or moving them right after downsizing, renting a storage space gives an exceptional, space-saving solution.

Storage services are a safe, handy and easy-to-find alternative for those who are in need of storage space. The vast majority of storage services also offer an array of unit services and sizes to meet your capacity to pay and requirements.

Continue reading to find the first-timer’s guide to renting a storage space.

What Size Unit Should You Rent?

The best part about is: nearly all self-storage services offer multiple size units for rental.

Most give at least 5 sizes, such as 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’ and 10’x20’ self-storage units. Many provide bigger sizes as well. The majority of full-service storage services also provide a number of unit sizes. Having said that, the square footage and price required will likely be based on the particular number of containers (or bins) you need.

How Can I Determine the Cost of Storage Unit?

The particular cost of any storage unit will depend on how long and how much you store. Self-storage services usually offer agreements on a month-to-month basis. In this way, the client has the choice to store for the short-term or long-term periods.

In my opinion, this is the handiest option. Agreements provided by full-service storage services differ from business to business. Some demand a three-month minimum, while some others provide month-to-month services.

Are You Looking for A Climate-Controlled Unit?

If you are storing furniture and clothes, you’ll probably need a climate-controlled unit.

The good thing is, the majority of storage services provide this type of unit. If you are finding the ones that provide such services then the best way to find one is to type in the search term “storage units near me” on search engines, you will have the long list of units near you.

Climate control unit helps to protect the items from extreme humidity, temperatures, and different outside conditions. The majority of the storage units also prevent mildew and mold, and various other nasty weather conditions from entering inside the unit. The Center for disease control (CDC) states that mildew grows on paper items, pressed paper, floor tiles, wooden items, wallpaper, paints, fabric, upholstery, and carpet. Those people intending to store all these types of things must concentrate on choosing a climate-controlled unit.

Should You Insure Your Storage Items?

Before storing the things, we do suggest that they all are properly covered by insurance.

It will not only give you reassurance, but it’ll also help replace any kind of items that are stolen or broken during the storage process. Don’t forget that some storage services provide proper protection for things against loss or damage – totally free. Several storage services offer their own cost-effective self-storage insurance coverage options as well.

Ask the storage unit about the different options for insurance of your items. Pick the one that suits your financial position.


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