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Cobie Smulders Fight for Life Revealed

Cobie Smulders, the How I Met Your Mother star is a Canadian model and actress. She has won several hearts with her incredible performances and her extreme confidence and courage to win her battle for life. Know about how this glamarous diva has risen above the scars of cancer and still happens to be one of the sexiest divas of the era.

1. Cobie Smulders Struggle Over Ovarian Cancer

cobie smulders
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The actress was only 25 years old, when she was diagnosed with the fatal disease, Ovarian cancer. She never thought that she will ever get cured from it. She was a mom of 2 kids. There were tumors in both the ovaries and the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. She went to have a lot of surgeries. She was completely devastated all throughout the dangerous journey of cancer. Life changed completely for her. She started practicing yoga and meditation to win back her confidence. She even went to the energy healers. And, all these coupled with multiple injuries helped her win the battle of life. She thankfully says that her body could beat the test of cancer and it could not get the best of her. She finally got a clean bill of her health.

2. She Felt the Urge to Spread Awareness Among the Mass

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Once she won the struggle of life, she felt the need to make people aware about the fatal disease. The Avengers actress, Cobie Smulders said that she wished that why are women not so much aware about the well-being of their inside body as much as they’re aware of their appearances from the outside. She pleaded all to breathe, to cry, to fight and to ask for help.

3. Cobie Smulders Went Topless for Women’s Health Magazine

cobie smulders
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The actress of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, posed topless for the cover of the Women’s Health magazine. It was her first topless photo shoot. Her aim was to appear confident and not sexy. Since it was a women’s magazine, she felt that posing topless is definitely not about exciting somebody. Instead, it’s about being happy and confident about one’s own body.

The brunette beauty did all by herself. She’s an inspiration, a true motivation to womanhood. It’s on the day of her birthday, 3rd April, Top5Life takes the opportunity to wish her happiness, good health and all the success in all her endeavors.

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