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Bridal Lehenga: The Art of Choosing the One for You

Wedding-whether arranged or love-is one of the most prominent days of a person’s life. It’s the day, when family and friends come together to celebrate the official union of two people. The guests that arrive to be a part of this prosperous day generally come with the aim to look how the bride and groom are dressed up! Though, the bridegroom also puts in his best efforts to look dapper best, but it’s mostly the bride, who goes berserk on finding the best of everything, right from bridal dress to footwear to jewelry. So, if you are the one, who is soon to be getting united in wedlock, then calm yourself down. Have a glass of soothing beverage and read on! Here’s a guide to reveal what all you need to consider while choosing a sublime bridal Lehenga for that grand day of yours.

1. Set a Fixed Budget for Your bridal Lehenga:

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Though, you want to look nothing less than a dream on your D-Day, but make sure to decide a fixed budget for your bridal lehenga. This will help you to avoid overspending. When you go for lehenga shopping, tell your budget to the attendant (sales person) and ask him or her to show you the dresses within the desired budget. Here’s a tip, tell the attendant a little lesser amount than what you have set for the lehenga. For example, if you have decided to spend INR 15,000, then tell them that your budget is INR 12,000. This is because they have the tendency to show costlier dresses to lure a person. In case, if you happen to like a dress that’s more than the amount you told them, it will still be in your budget. Isn’t it smart?

2. Tag the Person, whose Dressing Sense you Admire the Most:

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It’s obvious that picking out one lehenga among the heap is quite tricky. You tend to get confused about the fact, if it’s just you, who like this Lehenga or will it be admired by everyone. At this point of time, your trust a friend or a family member, who has an amazing fashion sense. Shortlist a few Lehengas according to your choice. Try them on. Now, take an advice from your friend. Or, have a discussion with her to make your final decision!

3. Don’t Rely on Shopkeeper’s Advice:

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As soon as you tell the shopkeeper/attendant/sales person that you have come for your bridal lehenga, it seems like they become more excited. You will get to hear the phrases like “This is the latest design, madam”, “What a brilliant choice you have, madam”, “Don’t worry about the color, every color suits you”, etc. while that person displays one lehenga after another in front of you. Don’t get a cue from these remarks or compliments. It’s a part of their sales strategy. They say these phrases to almost everyone, who comes to them and to every single piece of dress they try. So, never get misled by the praises of a shopkeeper. Always buy what you like the most without any pressure.

4. Consider the Weather of your Wedding Day:

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Never buy a lehenga without considering the weather, when your marriage is about to take place. Specifically, the fabric and color of your bridal lehenga should be according to the weather conditions. If your wedding is scheduled to happen in the hot season, then don’t go for heavy fabrics like velvet. Also, never opt for neon or bright colors. Likewise, if your D-Day is in winters, go for heavy fabrics and avoid light fabrics like net. In winters, you can experiment with any color of your choice – even the darkest of the dark ones, without any kind of hesitation.

5. The Motifs should Complement your Size:

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If you are on heavier size, then go for delicate and small embroidery patterns on your lehenga. It will help you appear slimmer. On the other hand, if you are very frail, then select a lehenga that has large and bold motifs. The motif or the pattern plays a great role in balancing out your look.

Most of your doubts must have got cleared by now! So, smile and get ready to rock the bridal look with full grace and confidence. Happy wedding!

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    On the other hand, if you are very frail, then select a lehenga that has large and bold motifs. The motif or the pattern plays a great role in balancing out your look.
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