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Risk Factors and Causes of Childhood Cancer


Cancer is one of the scariest and the most dangerous diseases of all and the causes of it were unknown before, but now after plenty of research and studies, scientists finally found the causes which can increase the risk factor of cancer. Now, there are two types of cancer, one type that is generated in adults and one which causes cancer in children. There are plenty of reasons why adults can have cancer; it can be due to obesity, unhealthy food, excessive alcohol or smoking. On the contrary, when it comes to children, the reasons are totally different, and they might be environmental reasons, paternal exposure or changes in DNA. Today in this article we are going to jot down a few factors that can lead children to cancer.

1. The Environmental Factor

When a child is sensitive, he or she can have severe effects by radiation exposure, the X-rays, and the Gamma rays can cost the life of your child, and you just have to be careful in this case.

2. Paternal Exposure

We’ve all heard the term passive smoker, right? Well, the same term implies on children whose parents smoke around them. If you are someone who often smokes around your child, then there are high chances of him or her to have cancer because some children just cannot survive the smoke and the dangerous chemicals in it because their lungs are yet immature.

3. Change in DNA

DNA is not only related to how resembling you are to your parents but, in fact, there is a lot more to it. If a child has some changes going on in his DNA, then some of the cells in their DNA turn into cancer cells, and hence the child develops cancer.

4. Sunlight

We are sure that many of you have heard about skin cancer and the ultra-violet rays. Well, same is the case here with children. Too much exposure of the skin to the sun can easily cause skin cancer in children. Because their skin is sensitive and prone to infections and diseases.

5. Infectious Agents

Different viruses, parasites and bacteria also add a lot in increasing the risk factors of cancer when it comes to children. Most of the viruses that can cause cancer are somehow transferred from blood and other body fluids. On the other hand, some viruses also weaken the immune system of the body, and ultimately the body has no strength to fight the cancerous cells.

Above we have mentioned a few studies reasons that can cause cancer in children. However, there are plenty other reasons yet to be discussed and researched. The best part about it is that people are now getting more and more aware of childhood cancer factors and there is a childhood cancer project started by the parents and friends of Joshua Segal who fought with osteosarcoma in 2015.

What is this project about?

The aim of The Childhood Cancer Project is to treat and cure cancer in children. The treatment depends upon the type of cancer, but mostly the services of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery are provided to the children free of cost. Everyone is striving to find out more cures and treatments for different types of cancers, and the doctors and scientists are trying to figure out more treatments which include medicine, precision and targeting the genes which are cancerous.

A shocking statistic shows that about 43 children are diagnosed with cancer daily and this is one terrible thing. We need more and more project like these in order to help these children become long-term survivors and help them live a normal and happy childhood.


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