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Can Cbd Oil and Cannabis Really Fight Against Cancer?


In order to nullify the side-effects of chemotherapy cannabis and its non-psychoactive component CBD can be used as a cancer treatment. In most cases patients suffering from cancer have been smoking marijuana for many years mainly to get rid of symptoms that come from feeling of nausea and lack of appetite.

Cannabis classified as a Schedule I drug is approved for medical use in a few states. Cannabis can treat a lot of health issues, and cancer is one of them.

What is CBD?

Usually, people mix up cannabis with a tiny piece of THC, marijuana which gets you “high. Various components are produced by the cannabis plant, and the best one being cannabidiol (CBD). If you are looking for cbd then Diamond CBD is a Cannabidiol seller who provides customers with different CBD goods. It is 100% organic hemp grown in Scandinavia. It has been backed by extensive lab testing and gives rise to a wide range of CBD-infused products. There is proper shipping and return policies too.

The cannaboids has receptors that are found throughout the body and regulate your body’s functioning in total- right from sleep, mood, appetite, to the complete immune function.
When you consume CBD oil, the interactions between CBD and the receptors create positive effects in the body. You can induce in your body in many ways, through CBD pills and capsules, edibles, oils that combine it with THC.

Due to the many restrictions on cannabis, most of the research and experiments have been performed on mice or in laboratories. But now, as cannabis is getting legalized for medicinal use, researchers hope to start trials on humans. And, eventually, this will lead to the use of cannabis for cancer drugs.

CBD Oil as a Cancer Treatment

  1. CBD slows tumor growth, kills cancers cells, and prevent the spread of cancer without causing any harm to the non-cancerous cells in the body.
  2. CBD makes chemo more effective and is an effective treatment for multiple forms of cancer, including leukemia.
  3. Patients who have advanced cancer pain found that when given a THC: CBD extract, they had pain reduction of more than 30% compared with those who received a placebo.
    CBD and cancer-related pain relief
    Opioids carry extreme risks of abuse and addiction. Most people tend to misuse their pain medication, which leads to an opioid use disorder. Because of this, researchers are trying to find a better alternative for treating severe pain. A recent study found that 81% of participants found cannabis just as effective at treating pain as a combination of opioids and cannabis.
    There is a need for a lot more research to determine whether cannabis can effectively replace opioids and can help cancer patients relieve their pain.

Cannabis as a Treatment for Cancer-Related Symptoms

Research has proved that Cannabis can slower tumor growth and can effectively kill cancer cells, and can provide cancer patients with safer pain relief than opioids. Other than this it can help cancer patient’s deal with various cancer-related side effects, symptoms, and disorders.


Many cancer patients struggle with anxiety as cancer is a scary experience for humans as well as animals. Intake of CBD certainly reduces both behavioral and physiological symptoms of anxiety in animals and now additional research has proven that some human species too have shown similar positive results.


At least 1 out of 4 cancer patients struggle with clinical depression. This can reduce the quality of their life exceedingly. It was also found that people who suffered from cancer were now 50% less depressive when they used CBD/THC cannabis.


Anyone who has been through chemotherapy can certainly vouch and tell you how Nausea is the most challenging side effect of chemotherapy. It is difficult to tackle and studies show that CBD and other cannabinoids regulate nausea and vomiting. Intake of CBD certainly makes one to handle stomach issues with much ease.

Loss of Appetite

Most cancer patients struggle with lack of appetite during the course of treatment. According to a research study, intake of cannabis certainly helps positively and can help trick the brain’s central feeding system. It tends to activate a group of neurons that helps stimulate appetite.


However, there is still lot of pending research that has to be done before cannabis can officially be used in the current cancer treatment process. It certainly has gain legalization and more research is being done on the same. You never know if this is the plant that may just have the potential to be the miracle and eradicate cancer.  You can purchase the Diamond CBD range on their official website. They also offer Diamond CBD Coupons, which can be used to your benefits. There are several products under each category and various flavors to choose from.


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