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5 Must Have Smartphone Accessories

Now-a-days, simply purchasing a new smartphone isn’t enough. You need to buy the important accessories as well. There are a lot variety of the various accessories of the smartphone available. This may make you overwhelmed. And, the extensive use of the smartphones has made it absolutely essential to have the accessories as well. They are […]


Why Does Your Vehicle Need Windshield Washer Fluid?

Probably our windshields or washer systems do not gain much of our attention when we consider giving our car for routine service. However, we get to know their importance when they play their imperative role during adverse weather conditions such as rainfall, snowstorm, mud splashes, bugs and dirt deposition etc. They make us on the […]

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5G: All You Need to Know About the Fifth Generation Network Technology

Fifth Generation or 5G is the technology, which will rule the next spectrum of mobile broadband in the next two years approximately. It has a wide array of features to offer to its customers with a superb downloading speed of 20GBps in your smartphones. 1. Emerging Services on 5G Technology It’s perceived that 5G Technology […]

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Cyber Security through Encryption to Protect the Digital Assets

Inspite of the heavy traffic on internet, there’s always a risk of hacking of things sent online. There’s a need to opt for cyber security to secure the digital assets. And, here comes the concept of various types of encryption, which help in preventing the hacking and cracking of the networks and even the fastest […]