Separation on Rise: Basic Reasons Revealed

It’s never so easy to say goodbye to the person you have loved so much. […]

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9 Duties of a Soon-to-Be-Daddy for His Wife

Pregnancy is very complicated. It isn’t a one-man job. After the baby-making course, both the […]

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Basic Prerequisites for Having Sex for the First Time

To be real, having sex with someone for the first time is both exciting and […]

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Can a Girl and a Guy be Good Friends?

The million dollar question!! Various debates have been taken place on this topic, but all […]

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Why Do You Think You Fight With Your Partner?

If there is any conflict in a relationship, it is not something you need to […]


Bollywood Stars Shocking Divorces

The B- Town is always with some news and gossips. But, recently, Bollywood has seen […]

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