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9 Duties of a Soon-to-Be-Daddy for His Wife

Pregnancy is very complicated. It isn’t a one-man job. After the baby-making course, both the husband and wife should be in the aftermath together. While the wife experiences mental, emotion and physical changes, the man should be at her side and adjust to these different kinds of variation to please his wife. The soon-to-be-mommy will […]

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How to Study: Improve the Learning Habits of the Kids

All parents want their children to excel in their academics and acquire knowledge properly. Proper studying inevitably boosts the child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Also, encouraging your child’s love for studying will only ensure their strong sense of responsibility and independence later in life. Therefore, it’s up to parents to help their children […]

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Fun Activities for Kids for Superb Bonding

Kids are the gems of our lives. They are our biggest accomplishments. They mark our success as people. Raising children to be reputable and great human beings can be tough, especially for new parents. But this is a process that lasts their entire lifetime. We keep educating our children until we are too old to […]


5 Dark Parenting Truths We Never Talk About

Parenting isn’t easy and anyone who says otherwise probably hasn’t experienced the joy of becoming a parent. While parenting isn’t the easiest thing in the world, it is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Getting pregnant, visiting baby stores and buying your convertible crib and other baby accessories is just some of the things […]