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A Father’s Heartwarming Statements for His Daughter: Father Daughter Relationship

Father daughter relationship has always held a special place in the universe. There’s a special bonding. It perfectly portrays no matter what happens, the daughter will always be the princess of her father and the father will always be the best man of the daughter. A father goes through a different state of mind all […]

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Stylish Celebrity Moms: Amazing yet Fashionable

Mother’s Day is just round the corner. Let’s have a look at the celebrities completely rocking their role of motherhood in full style and glamour. Here are the top 5 most stylish celebrity moms across the globe. Let’s have a look at these celeb moms, who have wonderfully handled motherhood and refined the maternity charisma […]

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Handling First Time Motherhood is a Lifetime Experience

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of any woman’s life. The joy of bearing a new life within is something that cannot be express in words. The excitement is even more for women enjoying first time motherhood. Yet, one thing cannot be ignored, that is the fear regarding the well-being of the unborn. […]

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9 Duties of a Soon-to-Be-Daddy for His Wife

Pregnancy is very complicated. It isn’t a one-man job. After the baby-making course, both the husband and wife should be in the aftermath together. While the wife experiences mental, emotion and physical changes, the man should be at her side and adjust to these different kinds of variation to please his wife. The soon-to-be-mommy will […]