reputation management
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Is it Ethical to Incorporate Reputation Management in a System?

Reputation management is defined as the domain of management, which deals with influencing the reputation and brand value of the individual or the group. It is a term, which is originated from the domain of public relations and has made its presence gracious all over the internet as well as in the social media for […]

customer loyalty
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Customer Loyalty: 5 Ways to Build It & Keep It

Customer loyalty can be a fickle thing. As Edgar Bronfman, Jr., U.S. business entrepreneur and billionaire, once said, “You need to look no further than Apple’s iPhone to see how fast brilliantly written software presented on a beautifully designed device with a spectacular user interface will throw all the accepted notions about pricing, billing platforms, […]

presentation skills
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Presentation Skills: The Must for Public Speaking

When you present something in front of an audience, what you say matters as much as how you say it. In fact, sometimes the latter is more influential than the former. The one common trait among influential people around the world is that they all are good orators. They can’t only speak well but convince […]

StartUp Company
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Startup Company Aims While Hiring: Quick Tips to Crack It

Startup companies believe that hiring smart people, who can manage themselves can indeed save the hiring of managers. While, you are going for the interview for a Startup company, you need to be rest assured that they won’t be satisfied with checking your folder of certificates alone. There’s a lot more, when aiming for a […]

co leadership, co-leader
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Tips to Be an Effective Co-Leader

Co-leadership is a great tool to make use of the strength of several leaders to drive a team to organizational success. This may lead to friction between leaders. The contradicting communication, creative differences and poor co-ordination often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Check out the expert tips on how to emerge as a great co-leader. […]

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Intelligence: How to Develop Effectively with Daily Methods

Is it possible to increase your intelligence? Neuroscientists have long answered this question positively. The brain is plastic and can change physically depending on what you are doing. Even the smartest person has something to strive for! Below are the effective daily methods to boost your intellectual abilities. 1. Make Habitual Things in an Unusual […]

professional growth
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Career Questions to be Considered for Professional Growth

Are you really working hard but not getting the desired professional growth in your life? What may be the probable reasons for it? Are you analyzing your profession critically? Do you know which all options shall you consider to make the analysis correct? Here are the probable career questions, which must be considered for professional […]