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Crispy Shoruchakli (Indian Crepe) Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen

How to prepare the yummilicious Indian Crepe, also known as Shoruchakli? The festival of Poush Parbon is knocking the door. And, this special dish from Kakali’s Kitchen will simply be superb to satisfy the palates of the food lovers. Let’s learn out this recipe in detail. Preparation Time: 10 Mins Cooking Time: 10 Minutes Ingredients: […]

Motorshutir Kochuri, Peas Kochuri, Peas Puri, Bengali delicacy, Bengali food recipe, Kakali's Kitchen
Kakali's Kitchen LIFESTYLE

Motorshutir Kochuri Recipe from Kakali’s Kitchen

What is the most special Bengali dish to satisfy the hunger cravings during the winters? It’s definitely the Motorshutir Kochuri guys!! Motorshutir kochuri is also known as Peas Puri or Peas Kochuri by people across the globe. It is the traditional Bengali cuisine, which serves to be one of the most delicious relishes to satisfy […]