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Party Food for Kids: Top 5 special choices

A party is generally remembered for its food items and fun. So, maintaining a good menu is absolutely mandatory to make it remarkable. Kids’ parties are mostly the birthday parties. And every parent wishes to make their kids’ birthday special, memorable and unforgettable for the guests. But, they are also worried about the cost of […]

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Startup Company Aims While Hiring: Quick Tips to Crack It

Startup companies believe that hiring smart people, who can manage themselves can indeed save the hiring of managers. While, you are going for the interview for a Startup company, you need to be rest assured that they won’t be satisfied with checking your folder of certificates alone. There’s a lot more, when aiming for a […]

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Tips to Be an Effective Co-Leader

Co-leadership is a great tool to make use of the strength of several leaders to drive a team to organizational success. This may lead to friction between leaders. The contradicting communication, creative differences and poor co-ordination often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Check out the expert tips on how to emerge as a great co-leader. […]