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Virat Kohli Shares About How to Make your Ex Want you Back

How to Make your Ex Want you Back? Do you often think about it? To make an affair is one thing and to sustain the relationship in the long run, another. Temporary infatuations don’t last long and you may wander around a lot before settling on a true relationship. But like all relationships, a love […]


Ways Texting can Help in Sustaining a Relationship

Communication determines the strength of every relationship. In a digital world, various ways have helped for fast communication. But, information can often be misunderstood when you are not good at writing words. So, to strike that fine balance, here are some tips you should follow. 1. Keep Text Short & Sweet For quick communication, you […]

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I Don’t Feel Confident While I’m On Dates. I’m In a Serious Need for Dating Tips!!!

Dating is now-a-days quite a popular term among the youths of today’s generation. It takes place when two individuals meet with each other for companionship, but desire to have a relationship beyond simple friendship. When they go for a date for the first time, they feel nervous with a tingling sensation going on inside them. […]