social media marketing

Major Drawbacks of Using Social Media Marketing

Yes it’s true that with the advent of digitalization, the domain of marketing has undergone a huge metamorphosis in its various domains. The traditional forms of marketing, which was once the most popular marketing strategy for the business owners and entrepreneurs are now losing their popularity to a huge extent. And, this is all because […]

web design proposal

How to Write a Winning Web Design Proposal for Your Blog

Most designers came into the business to make the world brighter and better. They feel like by creating great websites they can turn the world of the Internet into something truly beautiful. And it seems like you are on the same page with these specialists: you want your blog redesigned, while they have the skills […]

WordPress or Blogger

WordPress or Blogger? Which Blogging Platform for you?

“WordPress or Blogger” is the common question of many people, who are into the blogging world. Often, we’ve heard the new users asking question, why to use the self hosted instead of Google’s own platform, Blogger. Here we shall be discussing some points on the topic, WordPress or Blogger. In fact, we’ll be distinguishing […]