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How To Care for Your Christmas Tree


If you buy your tree early every holiday season, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t look in such great shape once Christmas Day finally arrives. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid this problem. We all want our home to feel festive and merry during the holiday season, and the tree is the focal point of all the Christmas décor. Follow these steps to ensure that your tree looks perfect all the way through to the new year.

1. Nail the Decorations

Your Christmas tree is only as beautiful as the decorations you put on it. This year, try something a little more unique than your usual ornaments and cover your tree in personalised christmas baubles. Every member of your family can get their own special ornament, and your tree will instantly look a little bit more magical.

2. Buy at the Right Time

While it’s natural to want to get in the holiday spirit as soon as December arrives, be careful about your timing if you’re opting for a fresh cut, real Christmas tree. Buying it too early will lead to shedding and drying out by the time the day arrives, so aim to buy yours about two weeks before Christmas.

3. Find the Right Tree

Despite the less than ideal climate, there are farms around Australia that sell fresh Christmas trees in a great condition. Find a reputable supplier if you want the absolute best for your home this season. You should pick a tree that’s fits all of the criteria for quality. For example, the needles should bend rather than break, and you shouldn’t see a massive downfall of needles when you shake it gently. You’ll need a trunk that’s straight enough to fit comfortably in the stand. The right height is also key – too tall, and you’ll face major complications when you get it back home.

4. Ask Questions

When you buy a fresh tree from a specialist supplier, they’ll have plenty of knowledge that you may find useful. If you’re unsure of how to care for your tree properly or want to know more about keeping it fresher for longer, take the time to chat to your supplier and ask them plenty of questions. They’ll probably be happy to help you out.

5. Place Your Tree Wisely

Once you’ve hauled your Christmas tree into your home, you’ll need to find the perfect location. Keep it away from direct heat sources like sunlight or radiators if you want the condition to hold up. Put plenty of water in the stand to keep it hydrated, and check the water regularly to see if the levels have gone down too much.

6. Recycle Your Tree after Christmas

There’s no reason to throw your tree away once the Christmas lights and decorations have come down. There are tons of creative ways to use it in your garden. The branches and needles work well as fertiliser for your garden, and the tree itself may make a nice home for the birds that visit your yard if you put it outside. If you want to preserve the festive scent of the tree, try collecting the fallen needles and making your own scented sachets. Even chopping the wood for kindle is a better use of your tree than simply throwing it away.


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