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Shared Ownership – Get Your New Car with the Car Loan and Beat the Costs


Buying a new car is not just a middle-class dream, it is a projection of your own aspirations and a necessity in Indian cities plagued with inefficient public transport. The freedom of driving your own car cannot be replaced, but too often it comes at a high cost. Your car’s value depreciates the second it is bought, but the EMIs of the car loan will loom above your monthly budget for years, making you compromise your lifestyle. Suddenly the job you hate becomes indispensable and that overseas vacation is out of the question – all because of monthly car payments. There is a way, however, to bypass these concerns and still own a new car. In an increasingly expensive world, the shared economy philosophy is growing and the ZAP car co-ownership model is your ticket to a swanky new vehicle.

A quick look at a car loan calculator will give you a clear idea of the financial scenarios you may be facing after you have bought your new car.

The ZAP initiative by Zoomcar allows you to list your car on its platform and earn money from the rental costs paid by customers. In this manner, the car will earn back a chunk of your monthly EMI. Some ZAPsters have listed their cars for extensive periods of time, and their earnings exceeded their EMI, bringing in surplus income. ZAP also gives car owners full control over listing periods, meaning you decide when you don’t need your car and you can list it accordingly. You can also track your car anytime via GPS. By listing it under a commercial license with Zoomcar, you are liability free when it is listed for rental.

As a ZAPster you will also have access to better deals on the latest models by car makers like Hyundai, Maruti, Tata, Mahindra and more. You will also be introduced to a network of car loan providers so you can make a prudent choice. With these inside connections, ZAP helps you save even before you make the final purchase.

Cababra, proprietary software that monitors car usage, will need to be installed before listing your car in the ZAP initiative. The tool gives you alerts on the app regarding different aspects of car usage, a great way to be on top of possible maintenance issues – leading to further savings.

A new car is no longer the subject of wishful thinking with ZAP. Pick up the model you love and have it earn back your EMIs. With a customer base of 2 million and growing, Zoomcar is a revolution in Indian self-transport. Join the movement and relish the financial freedom it gives you.



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