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3 Ways that Business Technology Has Changed Over the Years


Business technology has evolved over the years. With the rise of smart mobile devices and the internet, technology has completely changed how businesses operate. From typewriters to faxes, PCs and wearable gadgets, technological innovations are the drivers of progressive changes in the business world.

With dramatic transformations in the principles governing productivity and ground-breaking communications, software development and the increased use of computers have shaken business technologies like never before. Computerized solutions brought about reduced costs and increased flexibility.

The tremendous benefits businesses realized led to increased adoption of technologies across various sectors. As a result, traditional paper-based businesses have been replaced by modern, computerized organizations over the last decades. Here are the 3 ways that business technologies have changed over the years:

Top 3 Ways Business Technology has Evolved over the Years

1. Meetings behind Closed Doors to Increased Collaboration

Traditionally, employees had a hard time working as a team. The diverse personalities, skills, working habits, responsibilities, and work intensity among employees made teamwork even more challenging than it already was. However, business technologies have evolved to enhance collaboration between project management teams.

With tools such as Wanderlust, Trellis and Asana, among other platforms, collaboration has become easy. Web-based collaboration tools support role assignment, project planning, outlining of tasks, tracking of progress, and many other collaborative features.

What’s more, the various collaboration tools run on different platforms such as Windows, phone, Android operating systems. Integration of cloud-based services ensures project teams can work together and collaborate despite their geographical locations. Collaborations can either be real-time or non-real-time.

2. New, Improved Options for Communications

Telegram, fax and mail communications were revolutionized into email exchanges many years ago. However, the cloud technology, VoIP services such as Skype, smart phones and other mobile devices, chat applications and social media websites have taken business communication to a totally new level.

Meetings through video conferencing, exchanging emails on the go, and social media communications support faster engagement with clients and sharing of information anywhere, anytime. With improved collaboration, employees are able to work as a team despite the distances between their geographical locations.

Employee management has also become easier for business owners and managers due to increased communication flexibility. A critical aspect of enhanced communication in business environments involves sending faxes through emails. A good example is the Gmail Fax Pro that allows businesses to send fax messages online through their Gmail accounts

3. E-Commerce

Over the years, businesses have moved from retailing their products and services in physical stores to online trading through ecommerce platforms. Online trading platforms support various secure payment systems such as Payoneer and PayPal. With top online retail websites such as Amazon and eBay, more and more consumers are increasingly shopping online.

In the UK, about 85% of internet users shop online. Businesses display their products on their official web pages and social media platforms to reach a wider audience both locally and abroad. Customers make their orders online from the comfort of their homes and have them shipped to their residences.

There are several other business technologies that have changed how businesses operate over the last few years.

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