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How to Build an App from Scratch


If you run a business, you’ve probably considered commissioning your own app. Or, perhaps you want to start the next big tech company, with an app at the heart of your business. Well, today, I’ll show you exactly how to get started. A lot of people ask me how hard it is to build an app from scratch. The reality is that it’s quite easy. However, it’s hard to build a good app. The App Store is packed full of apps, which are hastily made and ultimately useless. I’ll show you how to create an app. But, let’s also make sure it has a useful function.

1. Research

It all starts with a long period of research and consideration. Too many developers rush into making an app and skip this process. The result is usually a copy of an app that already exists and a weak understanding of the target market. If you want to create a successful app, take some time to understand what’s out there. What apps already exist in your niche? How can you make yours different? Who’s the target audience? And, how can you make the app more appealing to them specifically? This stage is essential if you want to build a successful application.

2. Start Sketching

Now that you’ve got a rough idea and an understanding of the market, you can start sketching. Sketch a rough outline of the navigation and flow, how will it look, feel and function. It’ll take you a while to get this stage right, as you figure out how to squeeze in all the functionality you need! My advice? Keep it as simple and intuitive as possible. Try to cut out functionality rather than add it in. The best apps are simple, and immediately obvious.

3. Wireframe

Once you’re finally happy with your rough sketches, you can move onto a wireframe tool. This gives you a more professional blueprint of your app design. Most softwares allow you to drag and drop shapes and app components. You can quickly and easily create a professional looking blueprint. You can then use this to create your ideal app or pass it onto professional developers.

4. Build an App

When it comes to building the app itself, you have two options. First of all, you can learn the back end and front end code necessary to build it yourself. However, it’s usually more cost-effective to hire an app development agency. They’ll do all the heavy lifting and turnaround your app quickly.

5. Don’t Forget to Test

Finally, don’t forget to test your app vigorously. Your developer should give you access to a beta version to test it. Look for any bugs and problems, and provide feedback to the developer. It’s also worth letting someone from your target audience to explore the app. Watch how they interact with it and ask them for detailed feedback. It’ll help you to create a better final experience.

As you can see, to build an app itself is easy. However, building a good app is hard! Make sure you do plenty of research and test it extensively before you release it to the public.


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