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I Was Confused about Choosing My Bridal Lehenga

It is quite confusing to choose the right type of dress for the wedding day. Instead of Saree, a lot of women tend to choose Lehenga, which is also a popular traditional Indian bridal dress. Now, different kinds of Lehenga are available in the marketplace. Thus, it is quite difficult to take a decision. You need to consider your body type, skin tone, personality and many other things to choose a perfectly suitable bridal Lehenga. In the following section of this article, we shall find top 5 tips for choosing the perfect bridal Lehenga.

1. Color Is the Most Important for Selecting the Bridal Lehenga

bridal lehengaWhen it comes to purchasing Bridal Lehenga, the color should be considered as an important thing. Generally, Indian brides should look vibrant and striking. This is why, you can always go for colorful as well as vibrant stuff rather than choosing a simple type of Lehenga. Multi-colored Lehenga is mostly famous, as it gives the perfect bridal look. Single color Lehenga may look classy, but that does not give traditional Indian bridal look. If you have fair skin tone, vibrant or flamboyant Lehenga would match yours perfectly. If you have typical Indian skin type, which is light brownish, choose earthy color tones for your Lehenga. Earthy tones look more sober, elegant and classy. Work of golden threads over earthy hues looks nice and rich. Before choosing a Lehenga, always opt for a trial to check whether the colors of the dress actually suit you or not.

Wedding Lehenga Reuse after Marriage

2. Opt for Products That Offer Customization

bridal lehengaWhen it comes to choosing bridal Lehenga, always opt for a customizable product, so that you can make your dress personalized as per your body type and personality. Different Lehenga comes with different customization options. Some offer design customization, while some offer color customization. There must be provision to later size so that the dress can fit you perfectly. Perfect fitting means perfect comfort level. if you are not comfortable with your dress, you would look lesser confident. Lack of confidence on the face of the bride would make her look not as impressive as she could be.

3. Shape of Lehenga

bridal lehengaThough Lehenga is traditional Indian attire for women, it has undergone a lot of changes at different stages of history. Traditional Rajasthani Lehenga created a fusion with western long dresses. Different kinds of designs have approached in the marketplace, and that enriched the collections of Lehengas. So, buyers have ample of choices. You can go for conventional type Lehenga or you can choose Anarkali suits. Make a choice as per your body type. If you are slim and agile, try fusion design. For example, Anarkali design looks quite terrific on those who have perfectly slimmed and curvy body shape. Traditional Lehenga looks good on those, who have little fat and curvy body shape.

4. Choose the Type of Blouse

bridal lehengaChoosing a perfect blouse is the key to looking stunning in a bridal Lehenga. With blouse, a lot of experiment options are there. You can put a bold fashion statement with a tightly fit ‘V’ shaped blouse. Some people also love traditional long sleeve blouse. Not just front, but back of the blouse can have different designs to feature.

5. Dupatta – an Integral Part of Lehenga

bridal lehengaLehenga is not complete without a nice and colorful dupatta. Choice of color of dupatta is important as you shall drape it with your bridal Lehenga. Choose the dupatta with precision, and try different color combinations while obtaining trials.




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