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Boyfriend Meeting the Parents for the First Time?


Meeting the parents of the girlfriend is always an awkward situation for a guy. It’s good to know that you wish to take this relationship to a next level. And then, you must think from many aspects. Friends and colleagues have given a green signal for this relationship, but now the big day has come for your you to to ultimately introduce him to your family. You must have heard the phase ‘First impression is always the last impression’. Well in such case as well, you need to be sure that your boyfriend meeting the parents is handled with gentle care. The conversation should take place in the right manner. Make the decision depending on how your parents ideally will react to such news. Listed are a few tips that can help you to get the best possible support from your parents for this relationship to make it healthy and smooth.

meeting the parents
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1. Give an Idea to Your Parents

Well, parents will all of a sudden might not accept the fact that their daughter is dating some one, especially if you’re thinking of marriage. In every family, one of the parents is always more kind and with a big heart. Try to gain the sympathy by explaining how your guy is the Mr. right for you. Speak to them about the feelings and emotions that you share with the guy and why you look forward to settle with him. Meeting the parents can be a bit easy if they understand your feelings right from the beginning.

2. Select a Right Place for Meeting the Parents

You must choose a suitable place, where everyone can pretty be comfortable. If you choose your own house, chances are that your boyfriend might feel awkward. You can think of some restaurant, where the ambiance is quiet and the surrounding is refreshing. This will make the conversation lighter than expected. To introduce him to your family, decide on a place that will later be mesmerized as a part of your beautiful wedding time.

3. The Attire Matters Too

A good impression is a cherry on the cake, especially when meeting the parents of the future would be. Don’t let your parents have some wrong impression of your guy just because of his wrong appearance. For this, help your guy in choosing the right clothes, which wouldn’t come across as disrespectful. Instead of a T-shirt, a casual formal shirt will be nice.

4. Let Your Guy Know Who is Who

No one knows your parents better than you. To introduce him to your family, this is one of the crucial things as it would help him to initiate some conversation. Suppose your dad is in Army  or loves cricket, then your guy can talk about such topics and make the communication smooth. If your mom loves ice cream, then he can get one as a way of goodwill gesture. To initiate communication is the important part while meeting the parents. Let him understand, who will react on which things, so that while communication, things go smooth.

5. Handle the Initial Awkwardness

This is perhaps likely to happen after you introduce your guy to your parents for the first time. Hence, try to get some topics from your end, which would make the meeting interesting for both the parties. Also, after a point of time, let your parents open up enough to ask him questions that might be bothering them. To introduce him to your family, you must be the middleman in the entire conversation.

To avoid messing up the moment to introduce him to your family, think and plan up well with your guy and decide on how to initiate about your relationship with your parents.


9 thoughts on “Boyfriend Meeting the Parents for the First Time?”

  1. Great advice! The first time my parents met my bf, it did not go well at all. I blame myself for not doing things properly. I wish I’d known better 😛 When I finally did, things were awkward at first but eventually things worked out and they love him!

  2. Love this post – great tips! I especially love the one about finding a good place to meet where everyone’s comfortable – you’re right … usually the parents’ house isn’t the most comfortable for the boyfriend. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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