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Bored During a Flight? Try These 8 Ways of Entertaining Yourself


You’re on a ten-hour flight and when you’re thousand miles up in the air, what do you do to pass the time? Flying to a destination can be exciting, but the process of getting there is also a tiresome one. So next time you’re on a flight, here are some ways to entertain yourself and fight your boredom.

 1. Bring a book

Whether it’s a paperback you quickly grabbed at the airport or a book from your Kindle, bringing a book is a great way to entertain yourself on a long-haul flight. You can immerse yourself in the journey as a reader and, if you’re up for the challenge, you can finish the book during the duration of your flight.

 2. Watch television to your content

Luckily, on most planes, you’re given complimentary television and movie services; for instance, Jet Airways has inflight WIFI streaming called JetScreen. Pick a series or two and dive into a different world and complete that wish list of movies you’ve been wanting to watch but were too busy to. It’s time to binge watch them all.

 3. Download some podcasts to listen to

Pick some of your favorites from the list and engage in an auditory adventure while looking outside your window with the clouds sifting through. Podcasts are the perfect thing to distract your ears from all the altitude noise when you’re up in the air.

 4. Play games

With technology, it’s relatively easy to pick up a game or two and play them on your tablet or computer. You can play any games or, if you’re travelling with a friend, a game for two doesn’t hurt.

 5. Get some work done

I know, I know – this may not sound entertaining but what other way to kill time then to get any work or housekeeping things taken care of. Once that’s off your hands, you can enjoy true vacation without an agenda.

6. Journal

Do some writing. Journal your thoughts and write about what you hope for, or maybe even take this time to reflect on your latest accomplishments and gratitude towards those in your life. Journaling is a great way to past time and do something you may normally have time to do.

7. Plan your next trip

It’s never too early to plan your next trip. What better way to do it than up in the air towards your next destination. You must have come across many flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc. and international ones too while booking for this one. Think about wherever you want to go and the deals they have, start by writing those down. Put out some potential dates and estimate how much you think it will cost. Do you have friends in some of those places? How long are you planning to go? When should you book flight tickets? These basic and foundational things are perfect to be done on a plane as a way to entertain the idea of a next trip and plant those seeds so when you’re finally ready to plan, you can hit the ground running.

8. Write postcards

If you’re returning home from a trip, take this time to write those postcards you brought back. No better time than on a plane where the memories and adventures are still fresh.

Now next time you’re on a plane, don’t worry about getting bored. There are many things to do up in the air. Book that next adventure now.


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