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Blog Niches: How to Select the One For You!


Every blogger wants to find a niche for his blog, where he can pen down his thoughts in his own style and generate a good amount of revenue from it. While selecting your blog niches, make sure about the Ad network for your blog. Whether you want to earn through Google AdSense or its alternatives like Bidvertiser or Medianet or anything else. Also, make a note of your skills in writing. But, how do you select the blog niches? Here are some tips for you.

1. In-depth Knowledge on the Niche

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It’s important to have an in-depth knowledge on the blog niches you choose. You need to take the credibility for what you write. Also, the content needs to be genuine, reliable and unique. So, your skill and knowledge on the niche is absolutely important while selecting the one for your blog.

2. Competition Analysis of the Blog Niches

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Is there a lot of competition in the niche, you’re choosing for your blog? Find out whether there are new players in the niche. How many of them are at the same level as that of yours? Do the competition analysis. This will give you an insight about selecting the niche. CPCs, Ads with highly targeted search keywords, multiple pages with the ads and advertisers at the 3 top positions are important to select the blog niche. If you’re a beginner, then try out the medium or low competitive keywords. Because, with high competition, it will be difficult to stand in the first pages of Google. Now to choose whether this niche is perfect for making money or not, look for the PPC advertisers, who are bidding for the keyword. If you find that the keyword is devoid of PPC advertisers, then be sure that it’s not much lucrative. If you try to find out why no one is advertising, you’ll definitely get an answer to the entire competition analysis of the blog niche.

3. Content for the Niche

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Next step is you need to be sure about the content for your niche. You need to have a lot of ideas and content for the blog niches. Even if you don’t you can opt for guest bloggers or sponsored posts. But, have an estimate of the quantity of content you can deliver to your blog niche in a duration of say 6 to 12 months.

4. Industry Trend of the Blog Niches

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This is yet another important aspect to consider for your blog niches. You need to do a bit of research on where the industry that you’re choosing is heading to in the next few days, say months or years. Study the graphs properly. Do a thorough research as well.

5. Expectations from AdSense

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Last but not the least is the conversion rate of your blog niches. This can be estimated from the AdSense Revenue. It provides an opportunity for generating income for the bloggers. Along with providing value to the customers, your another focus is on making money. Right? So, depending on the expectation from AdSense, decide on the niche.

Here are a few steps that you need to undertake to select the blog niches. Once, these steps are properly taken, you can continue with your blogging. Even you can switch to become a full time blogger and generate a good amount of income from it.


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