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Five Types of Birthday Cakes You Must Check Out


Birthday is an important part of everyone’s life. It is an occasion where a person celebrates the day with their loved ones, gifts, food & drinks, and most importantly a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are eaten as a part of celebration in every culture and without it the birthday seems incomplete. It is the thing which is loved by everybody. And, especially the taste of cake is loved by the children.

There are many types of cakes available in the market; even the eggless ones. The cakes are now available in a wide range of flavors, colors, and sizes too. Hence, you can choose one as per your liking and budget.

Different Kinds of Birthday Cakes to Choose From

1. Fruit Cake

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Several bakeries are trying to make distinct types of cakes and are coming up with innovative ideas to make the birthday of the children more memorable for them. Nowadays, they are preparing new kind of recipes for the children. The use of diverse kinds of fruits and flavors are making the cakes more delicious than before. The bakeries add unique flavors and small pieces of fruits in the cakes to make it look good as well as delicious.

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2. Ice cream Cake

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Another favorite type of cake for the children in their birthdays is ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is actually a very popular cake, which kids love to eat in their birthdays. Like the name suggests, this cake is made up of ice cream, and it consists of sponge cake in between which makes it look very delicious. It has two layers and sometimes even three or more layers. The cake is first baked normally and then frozen. The whole cake is kept in the frozen state until the time comes to serve it.

3. Cheese Cake

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Another birthday cake which is quite appetizing and quite easy to make is the cheese cake. Everyone loves cheese and, so it becomes an obvious choice for the birthday parties. Cheese cake mainly consists of cream cheese, eggs, sugar and some other ingredients which make the cake soft and scrumptious. Cheese cake basically consists of two layers and can be prepared in many flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, etc. The lower layer is made of sponge cake and the upper layer is basically made of nuts, cookies and many more ingredients. Cheese makes the cake very special and tasty.

4. Chocolate Cake

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Without any doubt, the most famous birthday cakes of all time are the chocolate cakes. People of every age love to eat chocolate cakes. The chocolate cake is quite easy to make and is very much delicious and good looking. Chocolate cakes mainly consist of cocoa powder and sweet melted chocolate. The essence of the chocolate is the best part of the cake. Chocolate cake is classified into many types and some very famous types are black forest and chocolate fudge cake. The bakeries use different creams and fruits and the icing of the chocolate is very necessary. The icing makes the cake perfect to eat.

5. Theme Birthday Cake

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Nowadays, the parents order different types of theme based cakes. The theme birthday cakes are the main attraction of the party for sure. These types of cakes are very unique and if a child is a sports enthusiast, a birthday cake with a shape of football or a cricket bat will be a great hit. Some children love cartoons and use of cartoon characters looks very attractive as well.

The selection of colorful and delicious birthday cakes certainly has a birthday party more happening, and the cake becomes the centre of attraction for the guests. So, that is all about the types of birthday cakes you must check out in a birthday party.

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