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Best Ways to Heat Your Patio This Winter


A draughty patio is an unpleasant place to spend your free time. If you want to enjoy your patio in the evening or during the colder months, then you need to find a way to always keep it warm and comfortable. There are plenty of patio heating options that will ensure your patio gets plenty of use, no matter the forecast for the day.

Electric Heaters

If you have an outlet near your patio, then an electric heater may be the perfect option for you. They are a great choice if you have a screened-in, covered, or enclosed patio. Many electric heaters come with different temperature settings, so you can adjust the levels based on your own personal preference.

Homeowners enjoy electric heaters because it’s easy to find a model for any sized patio. If you have a larger, more spacious patio, a free-standing heater should provide enough heat for your entire patio. Even if you have limited patio space, a wall-mounted heater should be large enough to warm the room, without taking up valuable space.

Gas Heaters

Outdoor and uncovered patios are the perfect place to use a gas heater. Since no outlet is required, these heaters can be placed just about anywhere. However, you will have to make sure your gas cylinder is kept full. While most gas heaters are about 220cm high, there are tabletop and bollard-styles available if you have a smaller patio.

Gas heaters are generally safe for both outdoor and enclosed patios. Smaller models are often used for camping trips since they can be easily transported. Of course, as with any heater, a gas heater should never be used without supervision.

Fire Pits

If you want your heating element to also be part of your patio’s decor, then you may consider installing a fire pit. Both gas and traditional log-burning fire pits are common. A fire pit is a large bowl that is supported by several legs or a solid base. Since fire pits produce both ash and embers, they are not recommended for covered or enclosed patios.

Fire pits come in a wide range of shapes and colors, depending on your personal preference. While round fire pits are the most common, you can also find them in square, hexagon, and even star shapes. Choose from black iron or colorful mosaic tile finishes.


Those who want a more natural, rustic way to warm their patio should consider a chiminea. This Spanish chimney is wood-burning. While chimineas are traditionally crafted out of clay, cast iron models have become popular in recent years.

Since chimineas pose a fire risk, they are best reserved for outdoor patios. If you have small kids or pets, consider buying a model that has a safety grill over the opening. Chimineas can only produce a limited amount of heat, so they are commonly used to heat smaller patios.

If you plan on using your patio once the sun goes down, you need to invest in a heating system. The size and location of your patio should be taken into consideration before you decide on a heater. Once your heater is installed, you’ll find yourself enjoying your patio on a much more regular basis.


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