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5 Best Joggers Pants for Men and Women


As more and more people are opting to have a regular fitness routine,  owning a couple of active-wear clothing pieces has become essential to go with your active lifestyle. Jogger pants are the latest addition to active-wear clothing. These pants are designed to offer maximum comfort to the wearer during all types of workouts be it aerobics, walking or jogging. These pants have a fitted silhouette with a stretchable band near the ankles to make you look neat and put together. The best thing about these utterly stylish pants is that they can be worn on places other than the gym and pair well with other casual clothing pieces. The popularity of this super comfortable active-wear among celebrities is a reason to give these pants a try. So whether it’s for the morning run, gym session or for outdoor activities like camping or trekking, a pair of joggers come handy no matter which activity you wish to indulge in. Here are some best quality jogger pants available in stores right now.

1. Bella + Canvas 3727 – Unisex Jogger Sweatpants

This pair of joggers from Bella+ Canvas is crafted from feather soft fleece fabric (52% cotton, 48% polyester). Giving you optimum comfort and warmth in all your sports activities. Unlike most other jogger pants, this one isn’t too skinny but still has a contouring effect to give you a lean appearance. With side pockets to carry essential items,  this jogger pant is best to hit the streets before or after your gym session. The white cord drawstring adds a bit of contrast to this single toned trousers.

2. Hat and Beyond MX Men Fleece Pattern Jogger Pants

This slim fit jogger pants has a superb build that lets you feel confident wherever you go.  Made from 100% polyester, the fabric is lightweight and wicks off sweat instantly and keeps your skin dry.  Its special drawstring eyelets prevent the string from slipping out. This pair of trousers has two side pockets and one at the back with zippers to hold your mobile or other things. Pair it with a tee, sneakers and a cool looking jacket and you’re ready for a casual outing with friends.

3. UA Threadborne™ Fleece Stacked Joggers

UA Threadborne Fleece Jogger pants give you a super comfortable feel. The fabric is woven from 54% cotton, 23% polyester, and 24 % elastane which lends a multi-way stretch ability making it perfect for all sorts of workouts or strength training. The waistband is stretchable with a drawstring inserted in a panel on the outer side to tie it easily. The fit of this pair of joggers is snug yet comfortable.

4. UA Women’s Favorite Utility Cargo

Ladies have a reason to pay attention to their workouts with this trendy jogger pants. The impeccable design and fit of this joggers are sure to win your attention and that of your gym buddies. Made from 100% polyester, the fabric has a four-way stretch-ability to accommodate all types of leg movements. The waistband has the label printed on it which gives it a unique look.

5. Hollister Logo Mid-Rise Fleece Joggers:

This ultra stylish pair of joggers is a great way to give your sporty looks an edge. You can wear it for your morning run or for your aerobics session.  Pair it with a white fitted vest and you’re all set to look Instagram ready. Built from feather soft 60 % cotton and 40% fleece yarns, the pants have a logo on the left side which helps in giving you a laid-back look. The waistband is flexible and has a smooth running drawstring in the same color. The fit is comfortable yet snug with enough space for free knee movement. The cuffs at the end of the legs are stretchable to allow easy wear ability. The side pockets give you enough space to carry your important items. Wear a pair of single-toned sneakers and let your confidence show through.

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