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Best Honeymoon Destinations in India during Winter


Winter is the season of wedding bells. Now, what comes after marriage? Yes, it is the honeymoon. So, are you going to marry in the near future or in winter? Confused about your honeymoon – where to travel? Yes, we’re here to give you the best honeymoon destinations in India. And I am sure, after reading this article, you’ll definitely opt for these destinations. After all, it’s the decision to make your honeymoon perfect.

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1. Goa: Enjoy Romance and Love

goa, best honeymoon destinations
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Goa is among the best honeymoon destinations in India. It is best known for the beach lovers. And yes, the perfect one to make an unforgettable honeymoon. A number of beautiful beaches are there. But, if you’re looking for a little privacy, then you can opt for some private beaches like Agonda Beach. Goa is, in fact, one of the hottest tourist destinations in India.

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2. Jammu and Kashmir

jammu & kashmir, best honeymoon destinations
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One of the best romantic destinations for honeymoon is Jammu and Kashmir. Yes, Jammu and Kashmir is known as the Switzerland of India. Gulmarg is one of the must visit places there, in December. Skiing starts there in this month. And, the beauty of the Himalayas can be seen while boating in Dal Lake. Mughal gardens are yet another attractions there. You can shop for the woolen and Pashmina as well. And yes, don’t skip the Kashmiri wazwan, a delicious Kashmiri meal.

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3. Daman and Diu

Daman & Diu, best honeymoon destinations
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A beautiful and a small island, Daman and Diu is also the great place to romance. The island is located at the tip of the south Gujarat. The union territory is a perfect blend of sun, sea and sand. You can go for amorous walks along the Nagao Beach or you can enjoy strolling the cliff there. A church is present there to make a wish. A popular Diu fort is there, where you can explore the leftovers of Portuguese people and their culture.

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4. Kerala: Yet Another Best Honeymoon Destinations

kerala, best honeymoon destinations
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Looking for some top honeymoon destinations in India, especially in winter? The list can’t be completed without mentioning Kerala. Yes, Kerala, often known as God’s Country, has much to offer for newly wed couples. The backwaters at Alappuzha is one of the beautiful places in Kerala to visit. The Kovalam beach adds beauty to the romance. You can’t think to skip this destination.

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5. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar, best honeymoon destinations
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Here is another destination to travel in India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island is the perfect gateway for the newly wed couples. There’s a lot to enjoy with your partner. Sandy beaches are there. You can enjoy a sunny weather or you can go to the tropical forests there. Enjoy some water sports there, such as diving, swimming and snorkeling in the clear waters of the ocean. In short, you can enjoy the perfect natural beauty there.

Still thinking to skip these best honeymoon destinations? You can’t. You must include these hot and romantic destinations on your honeymoon list, especially in winter. And yes, make your honeymoon a memorable one.



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